Alex in The City: Sunday Brunch, a Walk in The Park





I have a running ritual of a Sunday morning Girlfriend brunch with two of my friends. It is one fourth accountability group, 2 parts ‘pinky promise bff’s forever’ and 1 part ‘we freaking love to eat and drink while the sun is out.’ 

One of the phrases that often comes up while planning is “and we can take pictures for our blogs!” And so we do, every week, with very few exceptions. Check out some of the photos our trip to Jacobs pickles and A walk in central park! 

I love having special time set in my schedule with my friends because it gives us all a good part of our week to look forward to and it reminds me that I know how to take time to smell the flowers and stuff my face and dress up every single week.

What are some of your favorite routines or traditions with your friends? 






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Alex in The City: Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum

Me and a close friend/fellow blogger had the pleasure of seeing the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum mere days before the exhibit closes!

Check out the video I made capturing the beautiful works of one of the greatest designers of our time.

There are even a few pieces that Beyonce has worn! When I saw the piece she wore at the Live at the Wynn Las Vegas concert I fell in love! There is also a photo that resembles some of the visuals from her latest album! Check out the video to see if you catch the picture I am taking about!



Check out the video and to see more great pictures like the one above view the photo album on my Google + profile by clicking this link! –> Alex In The City- JPG



The Exhibit is open until the 23rd! If you hurry you can still make it!



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Photos from my first weeks in NYC!

I have soooooooo been meaning to update this blog in the last few weeks but all I’ve been doing is GOING GOING GOING! Fret not my loves! i have taken plenty a picture along the way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so consider yourselves served with a new post!!!!






























Scandal Hiatus Therapy Session #3


104 -Enemy of the State

I consider this The Gladiator Creed! “I would gladly follow you over a cliff but you have GOT to show up!”

In enemy of the state we are at a desperate time in the full throes of an  Olitz disaster courtesy of Miss Cyrus.

Our best friend Shiraz!

Steven to the rescue when Olivia finds out that her house-guest just became house guests, yes that’s plural and Amanda Tanner is with child! For starters, Livs lounge wear has changed my life, Lyn Paolo, this wardrobe is pure madness I tell you. And this episode was paused when I laid eyes on that gorgeous wine glass. I have mentioned it 1008394327345 times before to friends and on twitter, tumblr, instagram  etc. I hunted that glass down, it didn’t take much, I am an awesome google-er, charge it to my experience with extensive research. Anyway the glass was divine, I had to have it and I only bough one for me, I drink red wine out of it on every Scandal Thursday. Scandal Moments blog did an ode to this wonderful glass, you can pick it up at crate and barrel for $13. Thank me later.

In short, I felt very very close to Liv in that scene with Steven which was set in her kitchen. She was in her home and not behind one of those Armani Collezioni jackets and heels, the glass, the lounge wear, the dialogue the exasperation and then two seconds later she is reminding herself, you have to be strong most if not all the time, this is such a real life struggle, hence the wine…..

The only other time I’ve felt that close to Liv’s character is when she slammed Fitz up against that wall while they were “working” at Camp David. I shall elaborate… the way a woman handles a man “at work says a lot about her Liv was representing us in those scenes! Fitz is a lot of man to be tossing around. I must say, you did me proud Liv you did me proud.

A short, short man

Two words: Sanders Black. FINALLY we got some background on the Gladiators and Cyrus maintains at least a little loyalty to….. well to himself but either way he jumped in the way of Sanders Black finding out that Fitz was the person Liv was sleeping with on the trail.

Slutty President Problem

Moving on, this episode’s Scandal brought about three awesome monologues, one from Liv to General  what’s his face, one from Abby to Liv and an equally epic monologue by Miss Cyrus Beene! Betsy Beers and Jeff Perry discussed how the writing for Cyrus changed after he had done such a great job with this particular monologue, you can check it out on the Scandal Revealed podcast’s latest episode.

And he carries on narrating this awful, insightful and quite accurate tale of what may become of Fitz in the wake of the Amanda Tanner Scandal. After this I was: 1. Praising Shonda for such great television with quality equivalent to  (greater than) that of The West Wing. 2. Standing on my bed yelling “First name Cyrus, last name Beene! Check my credentials chicken shit!” Phenomenal job by Jeff Perry and Scandal writers.

The Gladiator Creed

Now now now children we aren’t done just yet…. Abby knocks some sense into Liv and inspires her to make the RIGHT move which is just as tough as making the tough call to please her client.





After this was just silence, I have watched this episode over and over and every time, even when I had memorized the lines and recited it with her, there was always this silence after it was over and even tears.  Once again, flawless delivery by Darby Stanchfield and amazing material by Scandal writers.

I nominate the line “You are the Gladiator. I would gladly follow you over a cliff.” as official language in the Gladiator creed! I’m sure I am not the only blogging Gladiator that has considered such a thing, no? no one? Oh ok maybe I am alone. Moving on!

Ready for WAR! (THIS IS SPARTA!)

So, Cyrus, in an indirect effort to save the president from a suicidal fate has officially convinced the him that Liv is Public Enemy #1 and declared war. Let us not forget that he was making the ultimate sacrifice by hand delivering this crappy news to Olivia first hand while in the middle of his hit man interviews for Amanda Tanner, oh Cy, what WOULD we do without you?

Liv gears up the OPA staff and is ready to go to war, meanwhile back at the ranch Amanda is having her last bowl of popcorn before Cy makes sure she goes beddy bye bye for good.

This episode also begins some of the “who is Quinn talk but the central issue is still Amanda Tanner seeing that she is squatting in the home of the ‘real’ central relationship of the show: OLITZ!

This concludes our therapy session for today. I know a lot of you are still dealing with withdrawal but many of you are keeping up with your doses, Jan 10th is getting very close and I really think we all are going to make it to that day in our right minds. We are going to make it through this people!


Until next time, be the Gladiator, go see Django and Happy Holidays!

A Labor of Love



DSC_0054  It most certainly is that time of year, my favorite time of the year. During the colder half of the year life just seems to be bursting at the seems with Love and joy, laughter, travel, respite, generosity, great fashions, delectable holiday foods and everyone’s favorite… Adult beverages!
I designated last weekend as my FINAL weekend of shopping and planning, as usual, that was not the case and I ended up going on a mini gift haul in target. I picked up some great stocking-stuffers and wrapping supplies and went to work on some gift for co-workers and family members. 


It just so happens that I work with a few awesome people that I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to give a gift to. I wanted to do something sweet yet thoughtful and not too expensive so I opted for some holiday themed chap-sticks that were on sale at Target.
Ok, pause. Two things, if you ever happen to be imagining my voice or reading this aloud please do not mispronounce Target, in my world it is a high end department store and we pronounce the name as such: TAR -JEY! Got it? Good! Second thing, Everything, unless otherwise mentioned, is from Target. Now, Where were we, oh yes gift bags. I picked up some candy canes, EOS lip balms, Cards, Lindt Lindor truffles, miniature bottles of wine, some cute little mugs and cards, gum and a few other items to make cute and affordable gift bags. It was really a joy putting these together and wrapping other gifts and I hope my co-workers enjoy them. 
Goodies to pass out at work!

Goodies to pass out at work!

Gift tins! Tin cans were only $1!

Gift tins! Tin cans were only $1!

If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone on your list and you just want to give a simple and loving gift go ahead and throw together some stocking stuffers and write a nice note on a Christmas card. I love to give all year and I have been fortunate to have what I have but I never pressure myself about the extravagance of the commercial part of the holiday season but rather to realize that there is nothing as extravagant as the holiday spirit, time spent with loved ones, generosity, and the reason for the season the birthday of Jesus Christ! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the photos! 
Great Books purchased for my little cousins!

Great Books purchased for my little cousins!

A sweet and inspirational note for the young girls receiving these awesome books!

A sweet and inspirational note for the young girls receiving these awesome books!

Gifts for my mother, she loves Harry Connick Jr

Gifts for my mother, she loves Harry Connick Jr

Getting it all together!

Getting it all together!



stocking stuffers

Made with love,


New Year, New Vision Board

I am opening up in a new way. I believe so strongly in my vision board and the law of attraction that I usually only create my board with those very close to me and it does not leave my room once it is up. I feel compelled to share my testimony and knowledge with others so I am sharing.

I always say that every genius (visionary) needs someone that they can trust their vision with and that it should be kept in a sacred place. I still hold that idea to be true and I am not spilling my guts here but I am sharing more than I ever have before.

A vision board is a physical representation of goals and aspirations and visions that we have for ourselves. Each board is created using magazines and newspaper clippings or anything else to create a collage of sorts with words and images that are a reminder of goals and personal beliefs and creeds, wise words, positive motivation, reassurance and affirmation all targeted towards ATTRACTING what what it is that we want from life. Your vision board should be put up in a place where you can see it everyday. I suggest creating a vision board in an environment that is filled with positive energy and friends or family but if you are more in tune when you are alone, do it alone.

I usually create my vision board at a vision board brunch with my closest friends and family. The brunch is complete with fruit and cheese snack-plates wine, mimosas, frittata’s, laughter, good conversation and positive energy!

I also recommend reading or watching or listening to the secret or any other books that share the intricacies of the law of attraction. The concept is not simply about putting the glue and scraps on the $.79 poster-board, without context and knowledge and belief in the power of what you are creating it really is not what you intend for it to be. Read some literature on the subject when you get a chance.

I hope this informs and inspires someone that needs it!

Stay beautiful people!

Made with Love!


Holiday Gift Guide!

The Christmas holiday is only weeks away and the shopping rush is in full swing!
whether you are looking for gifts for co-workers, secret Santa,  friends, family members, boyfriends, girlfriends or cute little baby cousins, I have got you covered. My holiday list of favorite things is full of great gifts that can be ordered or picked up in stores in time for the Christmas Holiday and are all under $30!!!!!!

1. Lush Bath Bombs and Shower soaps

Mr. Punch

I love Lush products, I have used their handmade soaps -like the one pictured above- , their fresh face masks (featured here), and their bath bombs, all of which are amazing. Lush cosmetics hand-makes all of their products from fresh organic ingredients and prides themselves on never testing their products on animals. This would be a great gift for any ladies in your life and the bath bombs are great for kids too! Units of the Bar soap and bath bomb sell for $5-$8 each so you can make a little luscious goody bag or gift basket.
Find these products online here at Lush’s online shop or in a local Lush store.

2. The ‘Favorite’ Wine Glass

camille-23-oz.-red-wine-glass (1)

I call this my Olivia Pope glass but I have become quite fond of it on nights when I am completing a hefty amount of homework, having dinner solo, or just relaxing with a nice glass of wine, some popcorn and ABC’s hit show SCANDAL! This glass is the perfect gift for the wine-lover in your life. Just as the tea/coffee lover in me has my favorite mug, the wine lover in me knows that my sacred wine glass is a must-have! This 23 Oz Camille glass retails for $13 at Crate and Barrel.


You can walk into your local crate and barrel or order online, they also have plenty of other goodies for holiday decorating, cooking, and gifting!

3. Oster individual blender


This is an awesome gift for the busy health-nut in your life. Having an individual blender has made all the difference for me, especially in the morning when I get behind schedule and still want to start my day off with something nutritious and tasty I throw some greens, fruit, coconut water or fresh fruit juice into my mini blender for about 60 seconds and hit the road. This Oster individual blender comes in several funky colors and are on sale in Targets online store for $19. You can also order on Oster’s website and enjoy all the great details and even geta free smoothie recipe!

4. A cup of joy and a joyful song!


Give a gift that will leave them inspi(RED)! This holiday season Starbucks and iTunes have pledged to donate 5% of each Kind(red) gift card purchase to the Global Fund. The cards can be ordered via Starbucks’ online store   and include a $15 iTunes card and a $15 Starbucks gift card. I am a Starbucks gold card holder so this is something I could appreciate and the iTunes gift card is all too popular in my family, we all have an extensive music collection, this gift is a great way to bring cheer to a music and/or coffee lover.

5. Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness –


A gift for the book-worm. I don’t have as much time as I would like for leisurely reading but I make time for pieces like this! An in-depth look at the current state of race relations in America as told by over 100 interviewees to MSNBC correspondent Toure’. “Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness” is a page turner, a conversation starter, thought-provoking and honest. You can order it on Amazon or in your local Barnes and Noble, it’s also offered in audio form on iTunes  Check out the NYT review here!

6. Magazine subscription

I am a subscriber of  O magazine, InStyle, Black Enterprise, and a few others. Most subscriptions are no more than $20 and come with great gifts and deals at this time of year. Fitness, running, and nutrition magazines are great for those in your life that are dead-set on their new years health kick or lifestyle change, support them with some consistent and reliable literature!

7. 1 lb dumbbells


This is another great gift for a health-nut or a person that is always on the go. I got a pair of 1 lb Neoprene weights with my Cardio Barre home system and thought they were kind of silly seeing that I am no stranger to weight lifting but I was surprised when the workout got in full swing, my traps, triceps and deltoids were all burning! The number of reps combined with the light weight still burns fat but it also builds lean muscle. My real pleasure with these weights comes from their ability to travel easily. On the weekdays I take them to work with me and use them on my 15-minute break when I walk around. They are perfect for co-workers that want to break away from the cubicle or desk for a few minutes a day to get their heart rate up. You can pick these up in most department stores or order them online through The Sports Authority for yourself and a few fitness pals, they retail for a low as $2 each! 
Other gifts I am giving this Holiday include Yummy Chocolates, Nail Polish, Pajamas, cosmetics, photo albums and homemade baked goods! Please share some of your holiday shopping adventures and ideas and if you use any of my suggestions let me know how they go over! I would love to hear of all the Holiday festivities and functions.
Until next time, stay beautiful people!