Alex In The City: V-Day 2014, Just LOVE


I hope everyone had a wonderful V-Day!

I am not a Valentines day hating woman but I have spent my last 3 or four February 14th celebrating WOMANHOOD with VDay!

After performing in The Vagina Monologues at my University I found great interest in V-Day and dedicated time to it as an activist and as a feminist.

As I have shared before, my relocating to NYC has brought me closer to the home base of V-Day and in close quarters with the founder of V-Day,  Eve Ensler. This year I got to spend V-Day in the same room as her and a couple hundred other beautiful and generous women.

I completely fell in love with the works and words of Danielle Laporte, the Author of “The Desire Map.” Everyone at the Just Love event received a FREE, you read right,  a FREE  copy of The Desire Map Workbook when she spoke at the Just Love event. I cannot wait to dig into her books and blog and teachings and whatever I can find.

Spending V-Day with many many many beautiful and brave and outstanding women was more than I could have asked for.

The Hammerstein Ballroom was full of the love and energy that was filling buildings and hearts all over the world from Right here in NYC to The City of Joy in Bukavu!

Check out My pics below and visit to join the movement to end violence against women.


RHA GODESS at V-Days JUST LOVE event20140219-160547.jpg

Danielle Laporte at at V-Days JUST LOVE event


Eve Ensler at at V-Days JUST LOVE event20140219-160654.jpg


Alex in The City: “About Last Night” Screening

What do you do on a Monday night in New York City when the weather is atrocious? Why you stand in that weather for 40 minutes to see an AWESOME Kevin Hart film for free of course!

Thanks to the tip from The Pregame NYC’s IG and GoFoBo I got passes to a screening of Kevin Harts latest project “About Last Night.”  Kevin, Regina Hall, Micheal Ealy and Joy Bryant star in this hilarious remake of the popular 1980’s favorite.

The movie premieres on Valentines day befittingly and I highly recommend it. I laughed and basked in the undeniable romance of this film. Not to mention, seeing Micheal Ealy on the big screen is always a joy, the longer the better (daswhatshesaid). Regina Hall was OUTSTANDING! A complete riot and life of the party in this film. I love Regina to pieces!

After lurking on social media and drawing obvious conclusions (Kevin makes PLENTY of pop ups in theaters to thank his supporters) I just KNEW Kevin Hart was going to be in attendance and lo and behold he was.

I met Kevin once before in ATL during LudaDay Weekend and he was just as fun and funny the second time around! He even took a selfie with me! EVERYONE SAY COMEDIC ROCKSTAR!


Cute, right? I know! GO SEE “ABOUT LAST NIGHT” in Theaters February 14th!







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Alex in The City: Pumpkin Fest!

Reporting live from Central Parks Pumpkin Fest presented by and guess what…… There’s a parkour station !!!!! I was only planning on a morning run but I must answer when such great adventure as this tempts me!

I am waiting for the set up to be completed.

I am soooooo sticking around to do this. I’ll report back with deets!







At Night at BAM: Baldwins Nigger

    On Monday evening I made my way to BAM to catch a series of Short films featuring James Baldwin and got more than a mouthful to talk about and share. The films: Baldwin’s Nigger and MyChildhood Part 2: James Baldwin’s Harlem were showcased as a part of BAM CInématek series A Time for Burning: Cinema of the Civil Rights Movement.
In these two short films, literary titan James Baldwin explores the perils of false consciousness and his coming of age in Harlem.”
-Summary of the event taken from

Both films painted a portrait of classic Baldwin. Honest, profound, always eloquent and quite tormented by his own reality. I also found it great that these films were shown at the beginning of Harlem week!

I loved the beginning of Baldwins Nigger and its connection to the title of the film. Baldwin recounts an encounter with a West Indian Guard at a British Museum who asks Baldwin about his Ethnic Origins and becomes frustrated when Baldwin can only trace his lineage back two generations and 3 States, one being reduced to simply “Harlem”, not even identifying with the entirety of New York City, Let alone the entirety of the state. His history, like most African Americans was washed away and his only record of where he ‘came from’ is a bill of sale. As Baldwin so candidly put it, it wasn’t his fault that he had no way of knowing and it wasn’t the guards fault for not understanding but that didn’t make it any less real.

I loved this segment in particular because I have, in the modern day, had the same experience as Baldwin in that context. I have been approached on many occasions and asked about my ethnicity and really had no answer. It began in grade school as usual “What are you mixed with?” Then it followed me into adulthood, new friends and acquaintances and even patrons at work asking “Where’s your family from?” “Whats your background?” and the still common but not so mature way of asking “What are you mixed with?”

By this time I was already insecure, no, indignant about the fact that I did not know. I also wasn’t prepared to explain the history of Africans’ Diaspora (A gentle name for slavery and other crimes committed against humans in Africa) and how it resulted in me being American so I would respond kindly “Yes, I’m mixed. With my mother and my father.” In the event that I wasn’t trying to perfume the ugly stench that emanated from the ugly things that were done to my ancestors with humor and was taking the person who asked seriously, I would simply respond “I don’t know.” Other times I really wouldn’t be thinking about it and I would answer “I’m from West Palm Beach.”

While I’m typing this it seems hilarious on some level that I would say I’m from a city in South Florida and also very sad that I don’t have the luxury of knowing where I come from. I know my fathers family is from the Bahamas but they, of course, did not originate there. The fact is, I am an American, whether I like it or not. America is my home, English is my first language, the currency I carry about is dollars, I vote, I have never lived anywhere else and I believe that the Constitution is one of the greatest governing documents because it can be amended. I do consider my relationship as an African American to this country to be a bad romance but it is my home, as it was the Baldwins home, I suppose some time ago some white slave owner with the last name Johnson had his turn with my ancestors and now I can’t tell where I come from.

I have gone astray from the intention of this post but that is what happens when anyone speaks about the works and insight and grave honesty that Baldwin shared. I hope to make it back to BAM to see another segment of the series before it comes to an end and seeing that it will be my third visit in a month, I am seriously considering a membership!

I am glad I made the choice to go see these films and listen to the dialogue and Q&A lead by author Darryl Pinckney and scholar Rich Blint (Pictured Above) even after having left my wallet at work and racing home just with just enough time to make it back to BAM and grab a decent seat!

The A Time for Burning Series ends on August 28th and marks the Anniversary of the March on Washington.

You can watch Baldwins Nigger here!

Thanks for reading about my adventures and realities!



Photos from my first weeks in NYC!

I have soooooooo been meaning to update this blog in the last few weeks but all I’ve been doing is GOING GOING GOING! Fret not my loves! i have taken plenty a picture along the way. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so consider yourselves served with a new post!!!!