Alex in The City: Sunday Brunch, a Walk in The Park





I have a running ritual of a Sunday morning Girlfriend brunch with two of my friends. It is one fourth accountability group, 2 parts ‘pinky promise bff’s forever’ and 1 part ‘we freaking love to eat and drink while the sun is out.’ 

One of the phrases that often comes up while planning is “and we can take pictures for our blogs!” And so we do, every week, with very few exceptions. Check out some of the photos our trip to Jacobs pickles and A walk in central park! 

I love having special time set in my schedule with my friends because it gives us all a good part of our week to look forward to and it reminds me that I know how to take time to smell the flowers and stuff my face and dress up every single week.

What are some of your favorite routines or traditions with your friends? 






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