Scandal Hiatus Therapy Session #3


104 -Enemy of the State

I consider this The Gladiator Creed! “I would gladly follow you over a cliff but you have GOT to show up!”

In enemy of the state we are at a desperate time in the full throes of an  Olitz disaster courtesy of Miss Cyrus.

Our best friend Shiraz!

Steven to the rescue when Olivia finds out that her house-guest just became house guests, yes that’s plural and Amanda Tanner is with child! For starters, Livs lounge wear has changed my life, Lyn Paolo, this wardrobe is pure madness I tell you. And this episode was paused when I laid eyes on that gorgeous wine glass. I have mentioned it 1008394327345 times before to friends and on twitter, tumblr, instagram  etc. I hunted that glass down, it didn’t take much, I am an awesome google-er, charge it to my experience with extensive research. Anyway the glass was divine, I had to have it and I only bough one for me, I drink red wine out of it on every Scandal Thursday. Scandal Moments blog did an ode to this wonderful glass, you can pick it up at crate and barrel for $13. Thank me later.

In short, I felt very very close to Liv in that scene with Steven which was set in her kitchen. She was in her home and not behind one of those Armani Collezioni jackets and heels, the glass, the lounge wear, the dialogue the exasperation and then two seconds later she is reminding herself, you have to be strong most if not all the time, this is such a real life struggle, hence the wine…..

The only other time I’ve felt that close to Liv’s character is when she slammed Fitz up against that wall while they were “working” at Camp David. I shall elaborate… the way a woman handles a man “at work says a lot about her Liv was representing us in those scenes! Fitz is a lot of man to be tossing around. I must say, you did me proud Liv you did me proud.

A short, short man

Two words: Sanders Black. FINALLY we got some background on the Gladiators and Cyrus maintains at least a little loyalty to….. well to himself but either way he jumped in the way of Sanders Black finding out that Fitz was the person Liv was sleeping with on the trail.

Slutty President Problem

Moving on, this episode’s Scandal brought about three awesome monologues, one from Liv to General  what’s his face, one from Abby to Liv and an equally epic monologue by Miss Cyrus Beene! Betsy Beers and Jeff Perry discussed how the writing for Cyrus changed after he had done such a great job with this particular monologue, you can check it out on the Scandal Revealed podcast’s latest episode.

And he carries on narrating this awful, insightful and quite accurate tale of what may become of Fitz in the wake of the Amanda Tanner Scandal. After this I was: 1. Praising Shonda for such great television with quality equivalent to  (greater than) that of The West Wing. 2. Standing on my bed yelling “First name Cyrus, last name Beene! Check my credentials chicken shit!” Phenomenal job by Jeff Perry and Scandal writers.

The Gladiator Creed

Now now now children we aren’t done just yet…. Abby knocks some sense into Liv and inspires her to make the RIGHT move which is just as tough as making the tough call to please her client.





After this was just silence, I have watched this episode over and over and every time, even when I had memorized the lines and recited it with her, there was always this silence after it was over and even tears.  Once again, flawless delivery by Darby Stanchfield and amazing material by Scandal writers.

I nominate the line “You are the Gladiator. I would gladly follow you over a cliff.” as official language in the Gladiator creed! I’m sure I am not the only blogging Gladiator that has considered such a thing, no? no one? Oh ok maybe I am alone. Moving on!

Ready for WAR! (THIS IS SPARTA!)

So, Cyrus, in an indirect effort to save the president from a suicidal fate has officially convinced the him that Liv is Public Enemy #1 and declared war. Let us not forget that he was making the ultimate sacrifice by hand delivering this crappy news to Olivia first hand while in the middle of his hit man interviews for Amanda Tanner, oh Cy, what WOULD we do without you?

Liv gears up the OPA staff and is ready to go to war, meanwhile back at the ranch Amanda is having her last bowl of popcorn before Cy makes sure she goes beddy bye bye for good.

This episode also begins some of the “who is Quinn talk but the central issue is still Amanda Tanner seeing that she is squatting in the home of the ‘real’ central relationship of the show: OLITZ!

This concludes our therapy session for today. I know a lot of you are still dealing with withdrawal but many of you are keeping up with your doses, Jan 10th is getting very close and I really think we all are going to make it to that day in our right minds. We are going to make it through this people!


Until next time, be the Gladiator, go see Django and Happy Holidays!

A Labor of Love



2 thoughts on “Scandal Hiatus Therapy Session #3

  1. I just came across your blog when i was looking for the wine glasses an i must say i immediately fell in love to be able to see an read everything scandal just makes me smile i now check your blog everyday you are my fix while i patiently wait for jan 10th Ooooowwwww!

    • Awesome! I am glad you enjoy it, it’s a labor of love. I cannot wait for Jan 10th!

      Please check back and share with any other scandal lovers and Gladiators. I post other things besides scandal too but all Gladiators should feel at home here!

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