Alex in The City: The Bare Neccesities


I have learned many many manyyyyy great lessons since I’ve moved to New York but one of my favorite ones is that “I have more than enough.”

It is a lesson I asked for experience with and one that I believed but didn’t know for sure, if that makes sense.

I knew I was fortunate, I knew that there are starving kids that would love to have the food I left to throw away who would still be hungry even if I shoved the remaining piece of filet Mignon down my throat and that I could be happy with much less. I had never really challenged myself on that Idea before I moved to NYC.

Maybe it was because I Didn’t have much money to spend on every Nate Berkus Collection piece at Target, or because there is not much room for a truckload of belongings in NYC or maybe it was a coming of age.

Either way I have begun my trek towards what I like to call “gypsy life.” I have been carrying an affirmation with me everyday which is simply “I have more than enough.” It’s simple but powerful and it has helped me to de-clutter, reorganize, Feng Shui and give life to my space. When I say life I really mean it, I added two living plants to my space and got rid of my candles as a challenge to myself. I’ve also become a lot more frugal and grateful for what I have and I’ve even become impatient and annoyed with “too much.”

I still have impulses to buy and decorate and bring home shiny things so I just remind myself of something I actually need, or simply that “I have more than enough!” And it is true what they say “gratitude turns what you have into enough!”

Have a great weekend and take some time to start figuring out how little you can be happy with and cut it in half to find what you need. Find the bare necessities and rejoice in the fact that you will always have more than enough!




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DSC_0054  It most certainly is that time of year, my favorite time of the year. During the colder half of the year life just seems to be bursting at the seems with Love and joy, laughter, travel, respite, generosity, great fashions, delectable holiday foods and everyone’s favorite… Adult beverages!
I designated last weekend as my FINAL weekend of shopping and planning, as usual, that was not the case and I ended up going on a mini gift haul in target. I picked up some great stocking-stuffers and wrapping supplies and went to work on some gift for co-workers and family members. 


It just so happens that I work with a few awesome people that I couldn’t possibly pass up the chance to give a gift to. I wanted to do something sweet yet thoughtful and not too expensive so I opted for some holiday themed chap-sticks that were on sale at Target.
Ok, pause. Two things, if you ever happen to be imagining my voice or reading this aloud please do not mispronounce Target, in my world it is a high end department store and we pronounce the name as such: TAR -JEY! Got it? Good! Second thing, Everything, unless otherwise mentioned, is from Target. Now, Where were we, oh yes gift bags. I picked up some candy canes, EOS lip balms, Cards, Lindt Lindor truffles, miniature bottles of wine, some cute little mugs and cards, gum and a few other items to make cute and affordable gift bags. It was really a joy putting these together and wrapping other gifts and I hope my co-workers enjoy them. 
Goodies to pass out at work!

Goodies to pass out at work!

Gift tins! Tin cans were only $1!

Gift tins! Tin cans were only $1!

If you are looking for a last minute gift for someone on your list and you just want to give a simple and loving gift go ahead and throw together some stocking stuffers and write a nice note on a Christmas card. I love to give all year and I have been fortunate to have what I have but I never pressure myself about the extravagance of the commercial part of the holiday season but rather to realize that there is nothing as extravagant as the holiday spirit, time spent with loved ones, generosity, and the reason for the season the birthday of Jesus Christ! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! Enjoy the photos! 
Great Books purchased for my little cousins!

Great Books purchased for my little cousins!

A sweet and inspirational note for the young girls receiving these awesome books!

A sweet and inspirational note for the young girls receiving these awesome books!

Gifts for my mother, she loves Harry Connick Jr

Gifts for my mother, she loves Harry Connick Jr

Getting it all together!

Getting it all together!



stocking stuffers

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Saturday Morning Glory



Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. It makes no difference if I’m sleeping in, working, traveling, auditioning, working out, cooking, gardening or my usual favorite, going to the green market in my hometown: West Palm Beach. There is just something about Saturday mornings that just whispers “stop and smell the flowers.” I am a morning person in general but I am also very busy so not every morning can be savored like Saturdays. My schedule regularly gives me this time of the week off so I like to take my time and do it right.

Sometimes “It” is laying in bed until I’m ready to prepare myself a hot breakfast in bed, sometimes like this weekend it is going shopping at the  local green market with a friend.



If you ever visit West Palm Beach, FL on a weekend, please please please do not pass up the opportunity to go to this wonderful market. It’s a hot-spot for families, couple, pets, and singles alike. Local restaurants, florist, bakeries and other specialty shops gather on the Waterfront for a saturday morning that is nothing short of glorious. The food is delicious! I have taken some chances like the feta wraps from a local greek restaurant and smoked fish dip from a small shop, those choices and most others have been well worth it. My most recent edible fascination: Red velvet cider doughnuts! Less than half of the walk around cone is pictured above. I think I paid $6 or $8 for them, can’t quite remember but they are made fresh on-site and come with an awesome cream cheese dip. Love them. I also picked up some produce since most of the farmers offer lower prices than grocers and superstores.


Another delight from this Saturday: a 1-ton christmas tree made of sand, an ode to the not so traditional winter weather in Southern Florida, which I found quite comical. I have an undying holiday spirit so this was joy to see.


(DEC 1st is also World Aids Day. Check the red ribbons!)


Peonies, Peonies and more Peonies! I love these flowers.It’s not Peony season so I wasnt able to find any on my last trip to the market and now that the florist I usually buy from has some they aren’t so cheap, these went for $6 a stem. Such gorgeous flowers! I chose 3 bulbs, I wanted to make sure they hadn’t opened just yet so I could get a decent life out of them once I take them home.


This is simply an ode to Saturday, to the morning. A time to stop and smell the flowers!

I’ll be sharing more Saturday adventures and outing in the coming weeks, If time permits I would love to make this a regular installment.

Until next time, Stay beatiful!



Picture This


Photography, one of my loves in life. I love photos, I love posing in them, I love taking them, I love looking at them. In this age of technology I keep most of my photos in digital form, stored on computers, flash drives, social websites, cell phones and on memory cards from my beloved Nikon D90. According to the ridiculous amount of photos in my iPhone I take 4 pictures a day on average using that device, not all are of me.

Seeing that I hardly have the need to print I usually don’t. After realizing how cold and impersonal my room seemed without pictures I decided to get some prints and put some of my favorite photos on display at home. I also wanted an old fashioned backup for some of my most treasured photos in the case that the digital world stops functioning. I always said if my house burned down and I could only have one thing (besides the people or beings inside) I would chose my family’s collection of photos, cute right. Yeah yeah yeah.

After spending 30-minutes in CVS I walked out with over 100 prints and a new collage frame to accompany some of the frames and albums I had at home I sat down with some good holiday chocolates and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!


Going through the prints brought me joy! I love to sit and reminisce on the great time in the past. The frames and albums seem to be doing the trick. My space feels more like mine, I just need more frames for all of the wonderful memories!


Pictures are a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up the decor in any room or even a desk. Just take them, print them, frame them or if you’re feeling crafty make an “on display” scrapbook.