Alex in The City: The Bare Neccesities


I have learned many many manyyyyy great lessons since I’ve moved to New York but one of my favorite ones is that “I have more than enough.”

It is a lesson I asked for experience with and one that I believed but didn’t know for sure, if that makes sense.

I knew I was fortunate, I knew that there are starving kids that would love to have the food I left to throw away who would still be hungry even if I shoved the remaining piece of filet Mignon down my throat and that I could be happy with much less. I had never really challenged myself on that Idea before I moved to NYC.

Maybe it was because I Didn’t have much money to spend on every Nate Berkus Collection piece at Target, or because there is not much room for a truckload of belongings in NYC or maybe it was a coming of age.

Either way I have begun my trek towards what I like to call “gypsy life.” I have been carrying an affirmation with me everyday which is simply “I have more than enough.” It’s simple but powerful and it has helped me to de-clutter, reorganize, Feng Shui and give life to my space. When I say life I really mean it, I added two living plants to my space and got rid of my candles as a challenge to myself. I’ve also become a lot more frugal and grateful for what I have and I’ve even become impatient and annoyed with “too much.”

I still have impulses to buy and decorate and bring home shiny things so I just remind myself of something I actually need, or simply that “I have more than enough!” And it is true what they say “gratitude turns what you have into enough!”

Have a great weekend and take some time to start figuring out how little you can be happy with and cut it in half to find what you need. Find the bare necessities and rejoice in the fact that you will always have more than enough!




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