Alex In The City: Opening Night of American Ballet Theatre

I am in love with this look, particularly with the skirt and it was just perfect for a night at the ballet. I stole a Jay Z lyric for the theme of most of my fall looks “Bordeaux and burgundys” … Continue reading

Alex in The City: VDay Conversations With Eve Ensler Pt 2

Eve Ensler and Dr. Denis Mukwege

What is a Tuesday night without a couple of revolutionaries?! I was honored to attend the second event in the Rise For Justice  “Coversations With Eve”  series at ABC Carpet & Home on Tuesday evening with Dr. Denis Mukwege and Eve Ensler. Tuesday marked the one year anniversary of Super Storm Sandy but was also the seven year anniversary of the meeting of Eve and Dr. Mukwege. Who wouldn’t want to be in a room with two incredibly and relentlessly brave and courageous activist as they commune for their anniversary?

Dr. Mukwege  is the Director and Founder of the Panzi General Referral Hospital in Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Dr. Mukwege performs life-saving fistula surgeries on girls and women who have been brutally raped and mutilated in the Congolese war. 100% of the proceeds from this event went to benefit the Panzi foundation to help further the vision of Dr. Mukwege and support the women of the Congo.

Dr. Mukwege recounted the first time he met Eve and invited her to visit him in Bakavu, Eve accepted but Dr. Mukwege thought she would be like most others “Everyone accepts but no one ever comes” he said. Well in true Eve fashion she showed up. much to Dr. Mukweges surprise and delight. Dr. Mukwege shared with the audience how a night spent with Eve and his patients dancing and talking helped him to return to his work not only as a doctor but as an activist for the abused and endangered Congolese women. Because of Eve and Dr. Mukweges commitment to justice and safety and well being for women the Congolese V-day campaign and The City of Joy foundation was born. Watching these two converse was a pleasure in and of itself! It was all but a “No you’re more awesome” contest at moments. The amount of love and respect they have for one another was so evident and so understandable seeing that both Dr. Mukwege and Eve have dedicated and risked their lives to better the lives of others. They are two of the people in the world that understand and honor the connection that we all have to one another and how intricately our destinies are intertwined.

The past month has included a few interactions with Eve and I can only describe it as a series of enlightening and inspiring aha moments. The inspiring thing about Eve, to me,  is that she is all about the work, something I strive to keep in mind when I go about doing my own work as an actor or an activist or an advocate.

The night was wonderful, the room was full but quiet so that every word could be heard during the conversation. I brought along two friends with me who enjoyed themselves just as much as I did and I think Its safe to say that Emma Myles and I are officially ‘cool’ lol. I was lucky enough to meet her at a Vday meeting that, ironically, took place after I had been working as a background actor on Orange is the New Black, the hit series from Netflix in which Emma plays an inmate by the name of Leanne Taylor. I got to see her again last night!

Me and Emma Myles

Check out more of my photos from last night below!

You can read more about and support the Panzi foundation or City of Joy just click HERE (Panzi) or HERE (City of Joy)

You can watch the taping of the live stream of last Nights event with Dr. Mukwege and Eve HERE!!!!!!!



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Editor of Yas Magazine Yasmine (Left)
Actress Candyce Adkins (right)

Me and Eve Ensler

Alex in The City: Pumpkin Fest!

Reporting live from Central Parks Pumpkin Fest presented by and guess what…… There’s a parkour station !!!!! I was only planning on a morning run but I must answer when such great adventure as this tempts me!

I am waiting for the set up to be completed.

I am soooooo sticking around to do this. I’ll report back with deets!









Aside from Scandal one of my favorite shows to watch is Super Soul Sunday on OWN! It really is like my church sometimes.

Well this past Sundays episode put a spotlight of an amazing woman by the name of Diana Nyad.

If you’re not familiar with Diana, I wasn’t before Sunday, she is most recognized for her swim from Cuba to Florida at age 64 and a few attempts of that very swim before she succeeded.

What did this have to do with my Tuesday you ask? Well I got to see Diana in action yesterday as she swam in a two lap makeshift pool in Herald Square here in NYC. If Diana were not inspirational enough already she is completing a 48 swim as a part of the Swim for Relief campaign to help Hurricane Sandy Survivors.

A few other notable swimmers were also part of the relief swim including a cool guy, you might have heard of him his name is OLYMPIC MEDALIST RYAN LOCHTE!!!!!

I did not get to see Ryan swim but I did see Diana and write an inspirational message to her on the Tampax wall. (Could proctor and gamble not think of anything other than a Tampax wall, sounds like something not nearly as pleasant as it was). While I was there I took a few shots, check them out below!!!

Also check out more info on the swim for relief campaign here or send an inspirational tweet to Diana at her twitter handle @diananyad ! If you are in The City stop buy and cheer on the swimmers!



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ALEX IN THE CITY: NYFF Viewing of 12 Years A Slave


Last night I made my first appearance at the 51st New York Film Festival and what an opening event it was for me. Last night in the Walter Reade Theater “12 years a slave” directed by THE Steve McQueen, played for two jam packed audiences.  I did not make the early viewing which included the Q&A with the cast (Q&A should go up on their YT channel HERE) and director and I am kicking myself for it. I attended the 10:30 show and got to see Mr. McQueen and Chiwetel as they left. I also spotted Miss Jay in a fabulous print pant suit. I was cool, calm and collected when Mr. McQueen stopped near me to sign autographs and did the normal “OMG that’s Steve and that’s Chiwetel.” If I had any idea of what I was about to see in that theater I would have had to, at the very least, thank him profusely for such an honest piece of work.

I do not know the last time I, if ever I saw a film that was so unflinching so honest and so masterfully made with such artistry that was equally devastating all at once. My goodness, I was not prepared. Myself and both of my friends cried until we were all but wailing in the theater. During a gut wrenching scene witch Lupita Nyong’o’s character is whipped…. I could not move, I had to remind myself to breathe. I am writing the draft for this blog as I sit on the C train on my way to work and I am fist fighting tears as I play the scene back in my mind. I cant give any spoilers but I can say that Chiwetel and Lupita, sweet lord Lupita…. BLEW ME AWAY!

“OH MY GOD. Oh my God. Oh my God”  And “Jesus” was basically all I could muster after leaving the theater.

Listen to me when I say EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS FILM! EVERYONE! Check out the full list of release dates here, “12 Years a Slave” will be playing in limited theaters in the US beginning October 18th.

Needless to say, I enjoyed it. I will more than likely be back for the Sunday viewing with more friends and Steve McQueen is sooooooooo on my radar, as if he weren’t already!


love Alex

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Alex in The City: Afghan Activist Malalai Joya joins Eve Ensler in NYC


On Saturday evening in a dimly lit intimate space in the back of ABC carpet and home the calligraphy of monk Thich Nhat Hanh hung on the walls  wine and water were sipped from stemless glasses Visionary and Activist Eve Ensler shared the wonder and bravery of Afghan Activist Malalai Joya.

I was excited to receive an email invitation to this event, I was not familiar with Malalai but I knew Eve was going to be there and I just had to go.

I was in the company of two great ladies and we were all delighted to meet Eve, be introduced to the brave and freedom loving spirit of Malalai Joya and be in a room filled with such great energy. Vday board member and Actress Rosario Dawson was also in attendance, that was a pleasant surprise!

Malalai is in NY as a part of a US lecture/speaking tour that continues on to Boston next. This VDAY event was part of the #RISEFORJUSTICE campaign  birthed by VDAY organizers after a wonderful turnout for the #1billionrising campaign. I am a an active part of the VDAY movement, my journey with VDAY began a few years ago when I performed in a production of The Vagina Monologues and has only gotten more amazing and rewarding since.


If you have not heard Malalais brave, inspiring and ongoing story I encourage you to read up on her at Malalai and if you are already familiar with her I promised myself I would share the indiegogo page for the film that is being made about her HERE!. (I love indiegogo and other sites like it and gofundme) donate if you can or just share the info!

This was a wonderful even that I learned soooooo much from and really made me proud to be part of Vday, proud to be a woman that is fighting for what is right and extremely humbled to be in the presence of such greatness! Check out my photos below.




Calligraphy by Thich Nhat Hanh




Lovely Ladies! My Roadies! Candyce and Yasmine enjoying themselves.


Myself and Actress Candyce A.


This young lady came all the way from Canada, and wore this awesome #1Billionrising shirt, to see Eve Ensler.


love Alex

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Alex in The City: Shape Magazine Diva Dash

Its breast cancer awareness month!!!

It really crept up on me this year but I must have had a subconscious alarm going off because last week I found myself walking out of Duane Reade with more than enough pink nail polish!

Thanks to the innovative wonder of social networking, the meetup app to be specific I found a wonderful event to kick off my month with; The Shape Magazine Diva Dash!

In lieu of my marathon training I am challenging myself to participate in races regularly. This challenge is totally working out because my involvement in political an social causes and advocacy keeps me connected to great races like the run 10 feed 10 I did last month (check out my post about it here) and the making strides for breast cancer walk I am going to be part of this month (visit here for more details) and the Shape Diva Dash which I had only read about before Saturday.

This was so much fun and the freebies were phenomenal! They even had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and Luna bars! I love Luna bars. Freebies are one of the great joys of races. I’ve strayed, as I was saying this race was particularly fun because it had obstacles throughout the 3.1 like course, my favorite was the Athleta creek crossing. Check out the picture below.


Ford warriors for pink were in attendance taking anonymous positive messages for breast cancer patients and giving away some beautiful scarves to those that were kind enough to submit some motivational or kind words. Athleta had mats for attendees to play on, at least I concluded that they were meant to be played on, myself and my running buddy for the day were the first adults to take part in the mats. I took pleasure in some good old fashioned cartwheels and attempted a handstand which according to the pictures below is obviously not yet part of my Yoga and Pilates practice….Note the word yet lol.


The park was astoundingly beautiful. I could hardly run for admiring the scenery and you may be wondering where are the pictures of the scenery from this wonderful trail….. About that. In my effort to be present and not spend ALL of my time experienced life through my camera lens I did not take photos while I was running. Just take my word for it when I tell you it was beautiful. The trees were the most beautiful fall colors of yellow and burnt orange, some of them still very green, untouched forest flanked each side of the trail, there was a beautiful creek and beautiful views from the higher points on the trail. The terrain was great great for making use of my Vibrams. It was breathtaking and fun, so much fun!

Check out the pictures that I did take below!!!

Thanks for reading and remember to THINK PINK this month and even if it’s just writing an anonymous message to someone fighting breast cancer or going to get a mammogram do SOMETHING to help in the fight against Breast Cancer!!

love Alex

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Scenery at the Park20131006-133648.jpg


For Warriors for Pink20131006-133710.jpg



Myself and the Meetup Organizer Pilates Instructor Julie Briggs!20131006-133750.jpg