Alexandria Johnson is the Editor of The Visionary Watering Hole blog ( The blog is dedicated to her wide variety of interest and zest for life and living it to the fullest. The Visionary Watering Hole Blog is a creative outlet for the Author as well as a ground for brand expansion and development as a professional.

Alexandria is a native of South Florida currently attending Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business, graduating in the Spring of 2013. Dedicated to making a career out of her love for acting, production and entertainment

Alexandria has experience in Radio Broadcasting, Media Coverage for a major market sports teams, freelance photography, and blog editing. She is looking to increase her portfolio and take on more challenging and fulfilling opportunities in acting, entertainment, and publishing.

Alexandria loves work that involves travel, working with great individuals, creativity, passion, respect and most of all honesty. She believes that you can work smart or work hard but there is nothing like an honest days work!

For blog contributions, job offers or any other inquiries please E-Mail Alexandria.janeice.J@Gmail.Com


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