Alex in The City: Shape Magazine Diva Dash

Its breast cancer awareness month!!!

It really crept up on me this year but I must have had a subconscious alarm going off because last week I found myself walking out of Duane Reade with more than enough pink nail polish!

Thanks to the innovative wonder of social networking, the meetup app to be specific I found a wonderful event to kick off my month with; The Shape Magazine Diva Dash!

In lieu of my marathon training I am challenging myself to participate in races regularly. This challenge is totally working out because my involvement in political an social causes and advocacy keeps me connected to great races like the run 10 feed 10 I did last month (check out my post about it here) and the making strides for breast cancer walk I am going to be part of this month (visit here for more details) and the Shape Diva Dash which I had only read about before Saturday.

This was so much fun and the freebies were phenomenal! They even had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and Luna bars! I love Luna bars. Freebies are one of the great joys of races. I’ve strayed, as I was saying this race was particularly fun because it had obstacles throughout the 3.1 like course, my favorite was the Athleta creek crossing. Check out the picture below.


Ford warriors for pink were in attendance taking anonymous positive messages for breast cancer patients and giving away some beautiful scarves to those that were kind enough to submit some motivational or kind words. Athleta had mats for attendees to play on, at least I concluded that they were meant to be played on, myself and my running buddy for the day were the first adults to take part in the mats. I took pleasure in some good old fashioned cartwheels and attempted a handstand which according to the pictures below is obviously not yet part of my Yoga and Pilates practice….Note the word yet lol.


The park was astoundingly beautiful. I could hardly run for admiring the scenery and you may be wondering where are the pictures of the scenery from this wonderful trail….. About that. In my effort to be present and not spend ALL of my time experienced life through my camera lens I did not take photos while I was running. Just take my word for it when I tell you it was beautiful. The trees were the most beautiful fall colors of yellow and burnt orange, some of them still very green, untouched forest flanked each side of the trail, there was a beautiful creek and beautiful views from the higher points on the trail. The terrain was great great for making use of my Vibrams. It was breathtaking and fun, so much fun!

Check out the pictures that I did take below!!!

Thanks for reading and remember to THINK PINK this month and even if it’s just writing an anonymous message to someone fighting breast cancer or going to get a mammogram do SOMETHING to help in the fight against Breast Cancer!!

love Alex

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Scenery at the Park20131006-133648.jpg


For Warriors for Pink20131006-133710.jpg



Myself and the Meetup Organizer Pilates Instructor Julie Briggs!20131006-133750.jpg









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