ALEX IN THE CITY – Styling and Profiling: Political Rally Chic for Kerry Washington at Buono/Silva Rally !

Styling and Profiling: Political Rally Chic

I wore this ensemble to a political event in New Jersey last Month. It was a political rally for Barbara Buono and Milly Silva and the lovely Kerry Washington made an appearance (the chief reason I was in attendance).

It was an event tinged with a theme of justice, progress and general female badassery, (NJ has an all female ticket in the race for governor thanks to Buono and Silva!). I had just picked up this beautiful red patterned Carlisle skirt from Beacons closet, I snagged it for cool $14 and the shirt was a gift a friend gave to me (banana republic), it has an opening in the back that I think is extremely sexy.

I honestly left home feeling overdressed (what else is new) but once I got there I loved that I had kept the Red and Blue color scheme to stay close to the colors of our flag, the skirt also turned out to be a great choice because what says girl power louder that an aversion to stiff pantsuits! Needless to say I loved it afterall!
Disclaimer: If I could have Armani Collezioni pant suits tailored to a T I would totally wear them until they literally come undone but that isn’t happening yet lol



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