Scandal Wardrobe Saks Display! PHOTO ALBUM!!!!

I had To go check out this Scandal wardrobe display on behalf of my Gladiators everywhere! Check out these Favorites of mine and the entire album on my google+ account here!!!

The Saks Flagship store will be having an event with Lyn Paolo next Wednesday just before the Thursday Premiere!!!!!!! Check out the deets HERE!

My favorite part had to be the squeal that escaped me at the sight of it and the awesome Gladiator I met while taking the photos. Olivia is sporting a very nice white Mercedes Benz CLA 45 and i am wondering if we will see it in season 3????

Featured designers include Saint Laurent Paris, Calvin Klein, POLO, Oscar De La Renta, MaxMara, and even Livs signature Movado watch!!







3 thoughts on “Scandal Wardrobe Saks Display! PHOTO ALBUM!!!!

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