My week according to Scandal: It’s Scandal Thursday!!!


I love mail, I literally spend my whole day doing things to ease the anxiety I get waiting on the mail, OK not really but you get my drift. It’s like Christmas during the week, I go to Sleep work and a little FedEx/UPS/USPS Santa drops treats into my box and in front of my door! I cannot get enough of it. I’ve strayed. I wanted to fangirl and rejoice about something that a certain little santa left in my mailbox and a little beauty that I picked up at the store!

As scandal fans well know the Season 2 DVD was released this week! There was an apparent audible that was called on a deal with the very popular retailer know endearingly by myself as Targe’, otherwise known as Target, which featured an exclusive deleted scene that nearly every Gladiator was foaming at the mouth for. Unfortunately it seemed like each location got a whopping 3 copies as their inventory. Needless to say, we weren’t having that mess, tweets were sent and Target has responded via twitter saying that they are regrouping and seeing what they can do about it. That is totally not the joyous part, the happy part of the story is me getting my pre-ordered copy in the mail! (Thanks to amazon for honoring the lower price on the shipping date because lord know I would have shown my behind) A lovely Gladiator has offered to send me the exclusive version alllllllllllll the way from ATL and I am sooooooo excited and grateful for that. My Gladiator sisterwives Rock like no others!!!!

What other Joy might this week have brought me? KERRY WASHINGTON on the cover of Glamour Magazine! I love living in NYC where we get the magazines before most cities because lord knows I would not be able to find this magazine in Coral Springs (my former hood) before next Wednesday or so!

We have less than a Month Before Scandal returns with New Episodes and I cannot wait!!!!! In the meantime I’ll be watching Seasons 1&2 on DVD, or Netflix to tide me over during these spells of Olitzaholic Withdrawal!

Order your DVD if you havent yet and Pick up the new Glamour!!!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing in my tiny day brightening victories!


Love Zan!





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