Scandal Recap – Top Of The Hour – When the Going Gets Tough

After what I can only explain as a dreadful three weeks Scandal has returned and with a vengeance. I survived the hiatus but I most certainly did not enjoy the fact that scandal was off the air but let us not dwell on the past. Top Of The Hour was well worth the wait.

Cant Win for Losing


Yet another scandal for the Grant administration and their supreme court justice situation. Boy I tell ya, Fitzgerald is lining them up for the kill, sometimes literally. If Fitz ever nominated me I would just march clean into Olivia Popes office asking “what speck of dirt in my past that I may or may not have been aware of has blossomed into a mushroom cloud of political, personal and professional doom since I’ve be nominated?”

Lets be serious, this guy hadn’t the chance in hell.

Mr. Stanner, You really showed your ass, you know that?! Running out on that lawn like you lost your ever loving mind! We were all just having a big Olivia Pope sleep over and yukking it up trying to save your marriage, making fritatas and recounting your marriage, except this time WITH the story about what your wife was REALLY doing and you want to ruin the party. Do you ever think of anyone but yourself Mr. Stanner?! Sheesh.

I really liked Sarah Stanner, she was real, she made a mistake and she owned it, and when more of the lie came out, she eventually owned that too and when even more came out…. well, lets not dwell on the details. All I am saying is I would like to visit her house sometime, the place is nice, she is hospitable and she drinks straight from the bottle on good nights and as long as we can pour out a little for the homies before we take a sip I think we would really get along.


It Comes with the Territory

CEO Sarah Stanner is accused, and guilty, of an affair with her professor.Evidently in the world of success and high-powered DC scandal hateration and stalkeration (yes I just elevated my level of poetic license to that of MJB) are all the rage.

This whole Jake situation is really throwing me for a loop. I consider myself to be an audience member that watches in two ways

1. I go through the emotional ride of the show with the characters, I think and evaluate and analyze the show in consideration of the characters’ feelings

2. I watch as an audience member and take into account all the occurrences of dramatic irony and all the information I do or do not have that the characters do not or do have. I.E. the fact that Jake is a stalker. Which brings me to my next point.

I was brought some peace when I first found that Jake was in fact hired by the President and not just a stalker for sport but it has recently come to my attention that he is …… CREEPY AS HELL. I wouldn’t want him and Liv to end up getting serious for any reason. I don’t even have to get into how creepy his arrangement with her is I’ll simply say this: A relationship cannot be based on lies. Jakes entire presence in Livs life is a lie and its pretty cruel and manipulative and sick and twisted, he has taken away her choice. You cant fake chemistry, you cant hijack the authenticity of companionship. The calls at just the right time, the mention of the books she likes, the fly boy attitude and swagger to keep up with Olivia and keep her interested all of it, its all a farce. No, just no. He needs to go soon.

Not to mention how he is betraying Fitz and trying to murder photographers.

Using audience method number one I can see precisely how Olivia can be attracted to or even amused by or interested in Jake. She knows enough about him to keep herself entertained but she isn’t in too deep. He is like that first cup of soup after Oral surgery. (I hate to describe the train-wreck that is her and Fitzs relationship as something as unpleasant as oral surgery but i’m not the one doing the screwing up here, OK ) As I was saying, Jake is like that first bowl of soup, you arent yet ready for solids again but no more eating from a straw or only having apple sauce, its warm and arguably wholesome and it wont be this way forever. I can understand Jake as a rebound. Olivia is still going through it with Fitz and its good to have something to do with your time when you aren’t working. In her eyes the guy is OK  she isn’t marrying him and they have hardly had a real date. Once she finds out about his best-buy wall it will be back to square one and that kinda hurts me. Olivia cant catch a freaking break. Can we get into a whole new bag of trust issues and scars? What has this woman done to deserve being wooed and flat out lied to by the guy hired by the love of her life to spy on her after they had the most emotionally devastating parting of their lives?

Gladiator First, Person Second

Can we get into the perfection of this Abby and Harrison scene. The writing, as always, says so much with so little and the talent takes it ‘over a cliff’ as usual. There is a quick moment of silence in the middle of this scene just after Abby says “Im not mad Harrison, I’m not.” and the energy just changes. The next line Abby say is that she has come to realize that Harrison is a Gladiator first and a person second. What is so great about this scene is that Abby is saying that she can be a person second, she can ‘keep it thuggin’ she can detach but she isn’t doing that in this moment. I feel like this was Abbys goodbye to Harrison in a figurative way. Just as she said, she is still her, she always has been, but she let Harrison in, she gave him an emotional hard-pass into her very guarded world and what he did was not the worst thing, its that she had put it past him. She didn’t prepare to be betrayed by him, she wasn’t waiting on it, and she usually is, but he did. So now Harrison is out. Abby is usually a bitch and she seems like one of those bitched that you could really get along with because she knows she is a bitch and she isn’t one of those people hating bitches that love isolation, she is more of an elitist bitch that only lets some in and they tolerate her and know not to cross her and she still doesn’t trust most of them but some, like Harrison get let in. But now, Harrison is on the other side of her very strong very closely guarded brick bitch wall and she has a whole new reason to be the bitch that she is.

Now as far as the future goes….. I know Abbison is a possibility and the ‘change of energy’ in this scene really sets the tone for it to happen. That moment is going to be a puzzle piece. Mind you, I have watched since episode numero uno and in scandal land there are always scenes that I go back and watch and I am completely blown away with the blatant parallels and the not so obvious moments of silence or eye-contact, smirks, moments of silence little bitty puzzle pieces that fit together all too well, and whats more amazing is that the talent in this show had no idea how much it connected to the future episodes. Think of when Cyrus says to Fitz in season 1 “Do you know what I have done to put you here, the lengths I have gone to” Think of how Jeff delivered that line and the ‘what happens next monologue” and how the choices he made worked so perfectly. HOW DID HE DO THAT WHEN HE DIDN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT DEFIANCE!!!! They are blowing my little beginner actor head of , just, mind: blown. With that said, look out for Abbison, cold Abby and subtle connections!!!



Kerry admitted to being messed up after shooting this phone call and I can see why. This was cause for being ruined. The way the Stanners were arguing in the background and simultaneously filling in parts of the OLITS convo/struggle was pure brilliance. “I’m ruined” wasn’t even the most powerful line for me, what did me in was when Fitz said “I trusted you, you were all I had.”

Can you say real freaking tears! He wasn’t just talking about heartbreak on a romantic level, Olivia was all he had at that table when the decision was made and she failed him. Fitz trusted Olivia he believed that there were some things that would not happen, some lengths that would not be gone to if she was there, she gave him hope, she was the saving grace and a reason to believe that there was still something good and worthy in his world and that even if Olivia was not perfect she wasn’t the same as Hollis or Mellie, Or Cyrus or his father or even Verna. Olivia failed him, she crushed him by doing what she did. Fitz knew that when it came to playing fair or acting with dignity and integrity his chances with the others was shot to hell but Olivia, Olivia was better than that and she believed in him, she was all Fitz had and she voted yes on making his life a lie. As she says to Sarah Stanner later in the episode, in another mirroring conversation, she did what she thought was best for him at the time and she has to learn to forgive herself.

I really just wish she had apologized. I also wish that Fitz would get his life together, I don’t like this Fitz, he is mean and he shouts and its not sexy anymore and he smells like alcohol and I want my old Fitz back!

Welcome to Siberia


Fitz shut the door in Mellies face…….. No, like, he shut the door, IN. HER. FACE.

That made my damn night. I will continue to watch that scene and bring myself the joy of seeing him reject her with that door. The only other feel good moment that could compete with this is Olivia clearing the way for Edison to step after she gave him Mitt Romneys missing five point plan.

Fitz has completely shut Mellie out and I am upset with Mellie as a woman because, as low as she is, I would hope that she was above staying in an unhealthy relationship. I am not saying she is a victim here but I would imagine that an evil person like herself would simply not stand for certain things. Evil or not, have some dignity Mellie, at least be above staying with a man that doesn’t want you, won’t even approach you for sex for no other reason than the simple fact that you are there and willing, doesn’t trust you and shamelessly avoids you. I cant wrap my head around why YOU aren’t trying yo leave HIM Mellie????!!

Cyrus and the apolitical vagina, brother story of James Novak and the Giant peach… wait, I am getting a fact checker on that second part. Miss Cyrus, you stay coming for Olivias wig on your bad days. I really love Cyrus more and more every week and it’s the best kind of love, the I love you as you love. Many times its easy to love folks that we admire or want to be like or look up to or want to be close to or get to know, I don’t want any of that with Cyrus but I love him. He makes me re-evaluate everything I thought I knew about right and wrong and courage and bravery and justice. Its like the feeling I got about strippers after going to my first pole party and leaving with bangs and bruises, you know you aren’t cut out for it, you wouldn’t want to do it anyway but you look at those people differently.

I really cannot wait for the day I meet Jeff Perry because I will all but bow down and thank him for bringing Cyrus to life for me. I do believe that the writing is amazing, and Jeff gets that material because he handles it, but Cyrus come to life because of Jeff. I feel like I have known Cyrus for years, I love him. Jeff is, whew, just brilliant. Side note: I will never forget the story they told about Shonda seeing jeff moving furniture and saying ‘That’s so sad, that’s one of my favorite Chicago theater actors and now he is moving furniture’ not realizing he was married to Linda Lowy and helping her lift stuff, and Jeff commented later that ‘I was either stealing shit or moving it’. Love that guy.

Ok so this is the point in the analysis/recap/ post about the last Scandal episode where I realize I cannot possibly cover everything I thought about this episode without writing a small novel so I had better give up now.

Wrap up: OPA for the win, I need more Olitz, 220 begins shooting Tuesday, Tony is directing 220, Donna Brazil was tweeting and I love having her as a Gladiator! The fan base is Cray! The Teddy kiss made my ovaries go POOF, the cutie that played the Stanners daughter was very nice on twitter, sweet gal, Lauren is FIRED Huckleberry Quinn was too cute and I am proud of little baby Quinn growing up, check out my recap videos whenever I don’t do written commentary, Scott Foley was on this weeks Scandal Revealed, ummmmmmmmmmm, yeah that is about it! Gotta go, got fanfic to write!

I hope you all enjoy this labor of love!

Stay beautiful!




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