Nobody likes Babies – Scandal Episode 213 Recap – We all say things we don’t mean when we are upset!


20130208-182646.jpgIn recognition of the the long awaited dismissal of Edison Davis and Olivia’s finally getting her life only to have it violently ripped away from her shortly thereafter. This is in recognition of that kissing scene in which Fitz resorted to old Jedi-mind-trickery and convinced Olivia to trust her gut. I must say the it seems that, just like she said in previous episodes in which she was heartbroken, Olivia no longer really has a gut. Her gut was crowded out when she made room for love and conspiracy and guilt and now she just can’t seem to find it again. It cost her during the election, it cost her professionally, it cost her personally and I don’t know when she is going to get it back because Shonda and the writers seen to have written her gut out of the present day. Anyway I love that the writers let Olivia explain their love in a dramatically ironic way and that it complimented this excerpt from an earlier post I had written during the Hiatus: Scandal Therapy Session #2. Check out this excerpt…..

” The feelings with Olitz are always exemplified when I can relate, I.E. in that moment you have two people who are undeniably, tragically, inescapably and deeply in love and I know how that feels, what I could not fathom is the amount of other ‘things’ that make that feeling seemingly insignificant when in actuality its the only thing that matters to you. I really feel like their life is a room full of loud voices, the voices of their subconscious, the voices of their mentors and their bosses and families and their common sense like their is a voice telling them how to be the greatest person they can be, a voice telling them how to save their life, a voice telling them how to do their job, a voice telling them about their well-being and their pride and their image but the voice that is the loudest most distracting and consuming is the one that belongs to the person you are madly in love with and none of it seems to fit together in the puzzle of life and it hurts but it just hurts so good because no matter how trashy your life gets when you hone in on that voice, time stops and not much else matters.”

The bold is the most important to me in this episode. Edison tells Liv that Love is not supposed to hurt and maybe it isn’t but it does. Fitz and Olivia’s love hurts because its trapped but what good is love that only appears where practicality allows? That’s not love, that’s compatibility. Moving on.


I really do and could understand where Edison was coming from but I’m much like Olivia in that I simply don’t want to, I just want him gone. Edison is a great guy, I’m sure, possibly but he just doesn’t fit at this moment even if Fitz is behaving this way I still don’t want him around because he doesn’t make it any better. I really have considered the fact that Olivia would be doing exactly what she’s doing with Fitz or without Fitz she is madly in love with fits therefore she can’t help but be with him but if that weren’t the case she would likely forego love and the idea of ‘normal.’ Olivia is just one of those women that has dedicated herself to her career and her lifestyle and she may not want to give that up, she may be happy/unhappy but sure of where she is.



The scandal writers really deliver with Cyrus’character and his monologues. Jeff does his part to make the character phenomenal but the material is darn near flawless. Jeff and Dan slayed that scene, there really are no other words, they slayed it! We find out how deeply rooted Cyrus’ demons are as he confesses his (obvious) desire to be president and how Fitzgerald was his only hope for anything remotely similar to that experience.


Verna was a coward and a G at the same time! I really don’t care that Fitz killed I only care that it took away his innocence. How a man who is cheating on his wife has such a great amount of innocence to spare is another conversation for another day.Verna went out in a very odd way I really have no other words for it….. odd is all a I can come up with in terms of her character and her motivations and actions. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t agree with what she did and I understand Fitz completely but that shocked me. I never would have imagined Baby Fitz killing someone. I really still think of Fitz as that kid in the Montessori that has no idea how his parents got him there but Verna spoiled that version of Fitz for me, she took his innocence and has turned is life upside down which would explain how Mellie ended up on top.


Mellie doesn’t like old people or babies that should tell you something! At the end of the day she is his wife but this is not real life and I don’t want them to be happily married and I don’t hold them to the standard and commitment they made in marriage that I would hold normal person to. I want Olitz and I want it NOW!

This is a television show. Judy asked if we were Fitz what we would do…..? If I were Fitz and it was real life, I would stay with Mellie but I am not and this is a television show and I want everything extreme I want everything dramatized I want everything to have a run amok I want it all and that means I don’t want the Grants to be together. I want my moral compass to be off and it be ok, I want to stay true to the story and let go of practicality and be controlled by love for at least one hour every week.

I love how baby Teddy disappears much like the other Grant children who had never really appeared at all to disappear but have just been floating around in everyone’s imagination.

20130208-175954.jpgI just want to take time out to pay homage to the emergency stash of red wine Liv has at work and to her having a drink just as she thinks she is headed to the big house. I have my wine stocked and ready every episode last nights red was a delightful Banfi Cabernet Sauvignon Sangiovese, and I love to drink with Ms. Pope. Kerry admitted on twitter that she had never opened wine for herself before shooting that scene, to which I responded “Your therapist should be fired if they knew that and did nothing about it.” Another issue for another day. In the words of Olivia Pope “Drink with me.”


Dabby was back in action and they were just as repulsive as they were short-lived. I really did feel badly for Abby and how her relationship with Olivia suffered but I think she really knew that it was not personal and it wasn’t something Liv took pleasure in doing. Dabby was back in action and they were just as repulsive as they were short-lived. I really did feel badly for Abby and how her relationship with Olivia suffered but I think she really knew that it was not personal and it wasn’t something Liv took pleasure in doing. Harrison said it best, she knows what they’re about she knows what they do and he doesn’t ask questions that’s been the problem both seasons ASKING QUESTIONS! If they asked every question nothing would get done. Olivia knows all the questions to ask and the other questions don’t matter or aren’t worth asking. BOOM!

We all say things we don’t mean when we are Upset



Fitz said some very hurtful things and Olitz has that relationship he knows what to say to hurt Olivia and he said it. I don’t know how much damage that will have done but I don’t see that being the end of them. I will say this time and time again we have to stay true to the story as Shonda said and the story is Olivia and Fitz! I know that what Fitz said is in reaction to the devastating news that he had just received. I can already tell that Fitz has transmogrified into this dangerous, raging, drunken, furious being and I love it because it’s real. Shonda doesn’t do mild or unrealistic. She writes whole people and whole people usually have holes and complexities and rough patches and scars and open wounds and that’s real. I know that Fitz will come around and if anything in the world can be depended on its that Liv will not be waiting but deep down inside she will be willing. I am in for the long haul and I know Shonda may break our hearts but she will always give us something worth looking forward to.

It really is just an episode in which everything has been put on the table and it has done nothing! All the pieces are still left shattered on the floor. Next week looks like a good one too but I am trying to recover from last night before I get into my feelings on this one…. emphasis on the word trying!


In the next episode Liv is looking especially fabulous before she gets all hemmed up in that closet!

I’m going to tell you what I see …..

That fabulosticity comes from not getting laid and being heartbroken! That’s that :I look pristine because I’m not getting my hair pulled and I don’t have car sex or impromptu sex so I have no rug burn and I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym” look. (see swimming scene)That’s that “the next time he sees me he will know I am falling to pieces but I will look like gold” look. That’s that “I’ve been focusing on work and spending lots of time at the mall” look. That’s that “I don’t have anything going on because I’m so emotionally tied up and damaged from my last relationship so I say ‘I date’ when anyone brings it up” look. I’m done. I love you Liv. But I know it when I see it.


Everything about next weeks episode looks juicy. Olivia has skipped out of the white house and shopped around the pentagon for a new man and I’m not mad at it! I just don’t want any of those problems we had with Edison popping up. I love that Olivia gets a swimming scene! I’m a swimmer for sport and I love having one more thing in common with Liv Pope. In the clips of the promo for next week we see a drunken show argument with Fitz and Mellie and some closet sex with Liv and Fitz and I ain’t mad at that either!


Until next time my darlings, good day! I hope you enjoy this labor of love.


2 thoughts on “Nobody likes Babies – Scandal Episode 213 Recap – We all say things we don’t mean when we are upset!

  1. This episode really took me on a roller coaster ride it was pearl clutching, heart breaking an triumphant all at the same time i love how Harrison never forget his role as a gladiator an how he doesnt let his feeling or friendship with other gladiators stand in his way of getting what olivia needs done done even if it hurt…..Im so looking forward to next weeks episode love your post!

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