Do The Work: Transcripts from Scandal cast at SAG Foundation Q&A

Do The Work: Transcripts from Scandal cast at SAG Foundation Q&A

Watching this was fun but I appreciate, more than anything else here, the actors’ perspectives and wise, inspiring words. I skipped my morning run to transcribe and VoiceOver their words because I am, as Columbus would say DOING THE WORK. I know that’s actors will appreciate this. I damn sure did.

I also agree with what they are saying in every aspect. In life you have to do the work especially if you ever want to do something and respect and honor it properly. The is no excuse for hard and smart work. I have faith that what’s mine is mine an the only one that can get in the way of that is me. There is more than enough to go around and your time will come as long as you do the work!

Moderator: What is the part that got away?

Kerry: I don’t believe in that. I believe that what’s yours is yours and that there’s more than enough to go around.

Darby: You guys I had hundreds of pre-reads I came to LA Green I was straight out of grad school
Okay my first TV job was diagnosis murder with Dick Van Dyke, the legendary Dick Van Dyke.
Really quickly…
I’ve been through plenty of them where people don’t even look up from the page and it’s like “I spent five hours on this and you didn’t even look up from the page!”
So not necessarily a nightmare story like that but plenty of pre-reads…
Okay yeah, then my first day on set diagnosis murder with Dick Van Dyke and I played a murderer. I’m sort of this Midwest girl being the bad guy and murdering someone and he’s investigating.
And we rehearse and he’s not saying his lines right and I go up to him during rehearsal and I’m like “you’re supposed to say this” and he’s just kind a looks at me with this little smile…
He was nice but he was a little bit like ‘she’s new’ and I just sank into the ground. (Laughter)

I think sometimes you can see an actor who has a job say like “what’s yours is yours and I don’t believe in that” and it sounds really easy sitting up here so I do you want to add that twice in my career I have been cast in pilots for television shows and that both times – this is before scandal – the shows got picked up and my role got recast, so I got fired from two TV shows that went.
I say that to say we have no choice but to trust the journey not just in Shondaland but in what we do. When actors say to me “It’s so hard! The rejection!”
If what you need is stability and consistency and to know what’s happening next week this is the wrong career!

Columbus: How many of you here are actors?
like honestly let me say that truly truly truly, and Kerry you have been great advocating and in the changing of my mind and understanding, and it’s true. Don’t chase fame or notoriety. If you are in this craft you’re going to bleed, you’re going to cry, you’re going to be depressed but if you love the craft search for the art in the work. Focus on the work. If you go to a Pre-read with that five hours who cares if they don’t look up from the page, because you’re doing the work, and the work at some point will pay off and you will be where we are right now talking to you.
Kerry: The work builds on the work. Being an actor is not about somebody handing you a paycheck being an actor is about acting. I find also that in my career I have been handed things that reflect work I did that’s completely unrelated, meaning there is no way I think that I could play Olivia Pope without having done a David Mamet play on Broadway for a year. Because of the work. I’ve learned to do language in a different way than ever before doing that play directed by Mamet so, you know, WordPerfect! I came to this job understanding what Shonda wanted and pace and rhythm and speech and who knew? Who know when I decided to do that play that it was going to allow me to be able to do this?

Columbus: ……Shonda has never seen one movie I’ve ever done Shonda Saw Studio 60, a small role that I had on studio 60…..
It’s the work begetting the work. If you do the work and you show up it’s not about your name in lights or your name in UsWeekly or these freaking red carpets. All that stuff that stuff is happen circumstance. Go to work! Do the work! Literally, when you’re tirelessly putting on your make up and putting on your shoes and tying your tie on that Tuesday and you gotta go downtown to 220 S. La Brea for an audition, you know what I mean, all that stuff is your investing in your bank so that when the time comes you’re not just here and don’t understand where you came from because you’re not going to appreciate it. But when you do that (makes voice) “Man I remember what I was running out of gas on the way to 220 S. La Brea and I took orange and I ran out of gas on Orange and Melrose and I had to run into an audition sweaty for Toyota!” But guess what you were doing the work!


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