Post Card: Washington D.C. 57th Presidential Inauguration

One of my first views of the Capitol, on my way to pick up my tickets!

Across the reflecting pool reflecting and thinking about Forrest Gump!

Yes, yes it most certainly is! I ran into someones yard to take a picture with their beautiful decorations on my way to volunteer!

I want to share with my readers the awesome experiences, the crazy events, daily fashions, travel tips and delightful dishes from this extremely exciting experience. Those five days went by so quickly I was running around in a daze and before I sat down today I really hadn’t gotten a grip on what happened and in what sequence. Seeing that the itinerary that I had set for myself turned into crap about 3 hours after I stepped off of the plane I had to use my tea time this morning to rack my brain about what really just happened here? lol! ‘

In volunteer training, first day in the DMV. No makeup, dressed for comfort and warmth.

I ended up leaving to D.C. ahead of my family due to my being selected to volunteer with the Presidential Inaugural Committee on the Inaugural Balls team which required that I attend training which was, at the latest, on Thursday evening. I wasn’t sure until the day before that I had tickets to the actual Inauguration ceremony, courtesy of Congresswoman Lois Frankel who I met a week prior. I was not sure about exactly what my volunteer role would be or how I would see all of the friends and family that I knew would be in town I just kept saying to myself that basically no matter what happens this will prove to be a very rich experience, and it was indeed a very rich experience. I made a new friend and caught up with some old friends visiting from New York, I ate some amazing food, met some great people, did a little volunteer work and partied it up one night but most importantly I witnessed history and I was a part of that history.

Commander In Chief

Watching President Barack Obama simply walk out onto the Capitol brought me to tears it was so moving. I didn’t make it to the first inauguration and I promised myself that if he was re-elected I would make it. I made it my business to actively support him through volunteering, organizing, fundraising and just generally supporting the fact that he is the best man for the job and being a cheerleader whenever I got the chance. I’m glad I did pitch in because when election night came, I felt victorious too! I was literally dusting the dirt off of my shoulders and crying tears of joy. It was all too surreal. Being there for the ceremony was like wedding day. I was telling one of my friends that the only thing I could compare the pride and joy I felt when he walked out to was the feeling that you’re supposed to get when you see your groom at the altar for the first time. I had been ‘there’ with and for that person, and he was there for me as an American and I know that he will do his best to not disappoint me and I genuinely love and respect my President as a man, as a father, as a husband and as a leader with a mean jumper.

Quite impressive invitations and tickets for my family and I to attend the 57th Presidential Inauguration

Besides relishing in political victories I got to feed the patriot and nerd within me by visiting some great landmarks and monuments and basically paint the town red while I had the time during my first trip to D.C. I am a lover of cold weather and as a Floridian I don’t get nearly enough of it so I enjoyed that the temperature was below 50 degrees roughly the entirety of my stay. The foodie within me was on cloud nine, I was on the go a lot so I didn’t eat a square three meals a day but when I did sit down it was well worth it. I had friends and family running around the city but I did get out on my own to ‘see what I could see” which is not unusual of me. The experience was a lot to take in and I am glad I got some time to clear my head and find my own direction and really just soak it all up. My aunt described me as a gypsy to which I responded, yeah, that’s probably accurate. I love to get out and explore and travel and learn, its a big world and little ol’ me is just trying to make my way around to “see what I can see.” Oh. Ok, I’m going to brag right about now: I was proclaimed to be Olivia Pope dope this past weekend and while some of my friends joked and called me Olivia Pope I took a particular liking to the nickname Alex Pope. I think it has a ring to it! Ok I will stop obsessing over fictional characters now, here to hoping I don’t fall madly in love with a gorgeous and powerful married man, just one that’s gorgeous and powerful. Here here! *raises glass*
Keep scrolling to check out the deets on my awesome adventures in My Nations Capitol!

What’s Cooking?

The Great restaurants and Eateries I patronized during my vacation and what I ordered. I loved these restaurants principally because I am a foodie and I like to be treated as such! I travel far distances and spend good money to feed my fascination with delicious food and culinary mastery and I like for that to be honored.

1. BUSBOYS AND POETS – K street location and U Street Location




Shrimp and Grits was delightful. I took my leftovers but never stopped long enough to eat them. GYPSY! lol











When I walked in I told my cousin, who was so wonderfully hospitable to me, “Its like my heart” lol! I love the atmosphere the music, the paintings and murals on the walls and the menu made it hard to choose, everything sounds delicious and they vegan and vegetarian menu’s are just as tempting as the options with meat and fish. I heard great reviews before I arrived and I knew this was a stop I had to make. I highly recommend it and will definitely be returning.



Pot Roast – You cant see them but it’s actually served on a bed of potatoes. Absolutely Delish!

I followed a fellow volunteer and new-found friend into this establishment and I must say If I had to choose a favorite restaurant from my D.C. stay, this would be it. I’m smiling just thinking about it now. Founding Farmers serves up an array of farm inspired American dishes and also has an impressive pre-prohibition style bar, I’m not exactly sure what that means but I had a great mimosa and an even greater mai tai and there was some pretty cool stuff going on with the beer there but I’m not a beer person but If I had a beer person on my hands I would take them there and talk them into trying one of their draughts which are rotated weekly. I was so pleased with my first visit I convinced my family that we just absolutely had to try this place out and we did, thank goodness. For sake of saving words, lets just say that I will make it my business to return to every establishment I have on this list! Deal? Deal!

IMG_0047 IMG_0232 IMG_0230 IMG_0046 IMG_0041

Pictures above: Gnocchi and Sausage, Mimosas,. Fried tomatoes, popcorn, Mai Tai, Pot roast etc.




Chicken Parm and Calamari, Banfi Cabernet, Spaghetti and sauteed veggies


AH what I would not do for another plate of this authentic Italian goodness. I stumbled upon this family owned Italian restaurant after refusing to wait in a ridiculous line (and pay a cover) for some day party that was going on. Thank God for good sense because I fell right in front of some of the best calamari I have ever had, EVER. I’m no expert food columnist but I know I have gotten myself into something serious when the waitress brings you oil and vinegar with your bread and not cold packets of land’o lakes butter, better yet when your red wine is served at the proper temperature and not ice cold. The calamari? I was pleased to find that I was not dealing with some industrial sized gummy piece of fried food that is lukewarm and has obviously been frozen, it was hearty, hot, breaded and lightly fried to perfection and I really wish I had a plate of them right now.

(I think I spent about $40 bucks in this place for wine plus my half of the appetizer my entree and a tip, I had enough left to take home but I was runnig around so I left it behind but I got my moneys worth, not very crowded at all and the service was great, the waitress even charged my dying phone, a gypsy like myself always carries a spare charger lol)

4. Eastern Market

After a very very exiting and interesting night out in D.C. with my friends I managed to sober up and get my family out to eastern market for some Sunday morning Glory and Good eats. It was great to find a place to buy fresh fruits and veggies and flowers etc. and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. I , of course didn’t need a ton of anything that they were selling seeing that I was leaving fairly soon but it is always nice to get out and take a walk. I found my way to some delicious breakfast while I was there. My family had fueled up on some awful free hotel breakfast that I absolutely couldn’t bare more that two bites of so I was dining solo, until they wanted a taste of my delicious crab-cake Benedict breakfast with chili grits.

(Not pricey at all, The service was great but the line was long due to extremely high attendance but it was well worth the wait, the portion size was enough too share for me but could be a perfect size for those that like a very hearty breakfast)

5. Acadiana



The delicious rolls and dipping concoction

The dipping concoction for the rolls in this place are to die for! They served my red wine cold but hey, you cant win them all. I stopped in after my volunteer shift on Monday evening knowing that it would be my last chance to find some good eats before I headed back to my hotel in Baltimore and back to Florida the next morning. The place was packed with guests from the inaugural ball and my friend and were probably the warmest patrons in the place having come from a volunteer shift that lasted a few hours out in the cold which was bittersweet and left us peeling off one layer after the other before dining. We even made friendly banter with a woman that was lucky enough to snag two tickets to the ball for herself and her husband just before we devoured some of their delicious catfish (pictured above).

(Portion size was more than enough considering how many of those delicious rolls you will be tempted to eat, A little pricey but well worth it, service was delightful and the traffic was low due to traffic in the area being shutdown for the Inaugural ball less than a block away)

What I wore

I had a ton to do and plenty of places to go so I had to dress for long days with cold weather lots of mileage and several events.


Lip colors for the weekend – (from the left) MAC Russian Red, MAC Zen Rose, Chanel Vamp 18, Estee Lauder Pure Color 17 Rose Tea



More photos for you enjoyment!

Complete with “THIS SEAT IS TAKEN” Pin lol

Congresswoman Lois Frankel

I had to watch SCANDAL! Fireside is not so bad either.

My new buddy Candice!!!

Panel from Women in Leadership and Public Service Roundtable. Great Forum!


Paparazzi got me coming out of my hotel! lol

Paparazzi got me coming out of my hotel! lol

My Mother Sister and Aunt


My Volunteer Post on 10th and K!


6am trekking back to the Capitol on the Metro






I took a Pedicab across D.C.!


Great Apps for DC travel and Inauguration weekend!



IMG_0001  IMG_0237



6 thoughts on “Post Card: Washington D.C. 57th Presidential Inauguration

  1. Wow what a wonderful experience the food pics look amazing…… lol at the paparazzi pics to cute and what’s being in the capitol without a lil scandal love it thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks! it was amazing! I cant wait to go back or for my next travel adventure. I am having a little bit of the Post-Vacation blues. I have come to accept that being in one place, especially when I would rather be living somewhere else, will always be hard for me. I love to travel and I also like to take respite. Im glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading!

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