Scandal Recap – One For The Dog


I think we can all agree on having grown extremely tired of Edison and his needy ways. I understand the complete role reversal in this relationship and anyone with a brain knows that the stereotypical “women are the whiners, the needy, the moody ones in the relationship” is a complete farce but I really cannot accept this from you as a man Edison. I can’t. I have three words for you Edison: Match My Swag. That is the answer to all of your problems, it wont get you anywhere with Olivia at this point, that ship has long since sailed, but in the future know this: A woman like Olivia needs her equivalent or better be it based morally, financially, intellectually, socially etc. The reason she is with Fitz is because of the quickening in her panties that she gets in response to a man that has just as much and more power, brilliance, knowledge, courage, understanding and of course smashing good looks and irresistible sex appeal as she. This needy, overbearing, synthetic-alpha-male, sex calendar keeping thing you have going is not going to work out in your favor. So here is my advice: Give it a fucking rest! SHEESH!

Liv said it herself, She is HIS! Enough said. During that scene I screamed out many different phrases for what Liv was to Fitz but none of them were “Friend” so in my mind that part of the scene ends at “I’m hi…” s and picks up at “Goodbye Edison.”


Huck, the same poor little baby Huck is taking a beating this episode. I agree with EP Betsy Beers on this one, I applaud ABC for letting them show such content.

Huck got even with Becky but the damage to his heart cant be undone. Damn you Hollis! You know the boy already had a heart two sizes too small and here you go ruining his love life for good. You scoundrel!

Poor little murderous Huck had one of the best lines this episode, it even earned the title “One for the dog” paying homage to Hucks Pseudo family being murdered by Becky.


Mellie, Dear, listen to me. I know you have the best interest of the Administration but don’t be so reckless about it next time. Forging a document without anything to back it up makes zero sense, do me a favor and fill that big wig with some good sense!

Mellie is trying to add water to acid and it’s never going to work, she is only making more trouble. What concerns me more than anything is her getting Liv excited to see him and just letting everyone’s feelings crumble! Olivia looked so happy to see him, she was grinning and darn near jogging through that ICU only to find Mellie there with more professional trouble for her to bury her personal issues under.


Who’s down with OPA?

Last night’s gladiators are the one’s I’m used to seeing, wheeling and dealing with the best and actually working outside of their personal interests for the good of the client. Harrison once again delivered with his “things that go bump in the night” piece. I have a feeling that I am not the only one thinking about Olivia and Fitz as the thing that’s going bump in the night in DC, am I alone?

I really cannot get enough of Harrison, that wit, charm, and quicke-tongued brilliance that makes his wardrobe only a tinge of his overall appeal, I really cannot!


If we didn’t have good reason to think that sally was an epic failure as president we have it now. Why, oh Shonda who art in Shondaland is Sally Langston dumb, no, negligent, no, ignorant, no, BLIND, yes! Why is Sally so blind as to take advice, information, and orders from the likes of Hollis Doyle! My goodness Sally if you can sniff out Mellie’s antics why cant you see that Hollis is playing you like a fiddle, well in his case he would probably be playing you like harmonica, if you don’t get my drift just think about playing the tambourine, yes that is what Hollis is doing with your life. Enjoy these next two days before we put you back where you belong, female politicians in Shondaland don’t need you being a royal embarrassment any longer. You and Hollis need heed these wise words AINT NO GOOD GONE COME TO YOU ‘LESS YOU DO RIGHT BY THIS ADMINISTRATION!


Olivia is handling the media frenzy surrounding Fitz, doing her best to get Huck out of jail and not have an emotional meltdown and Mellie is with the BS. I don’t know what type of Sister-wives charade she thinks her and Liv have going but this aint it! Somebody please tell Mellie this is not up for discussion, you play dumb and turn a blind eye while the kids have fun, we are not going to talk about it like it’s ok or comfortable!  Just stop and GET A GRIP!


This particular heading is paying homage to the well-functioning state of OPA, Kerry’s success with Django and all of the incredible fashions she has been slaying with this week, the twitter frenzy from last night and all that is the GLADIATOR fandom. Last night on Twitter was oodles of fun and our family is growing so rapidly, I love it and I am so happy for the cast crew and Gladiators everywhere!


He’s baaaaaaaaack! Fitzy Poo is up and now its time to kick up the possible Olitz scenarios that may play out in the coming weeks. The promo for next weeks episode is nice and steamy and is clearly revealing some flashback scenes which I am quite eager to see. Is it Thursday yet?

Thanks for reading! Stay awesome Gladiators. I had a new recruit with her first viewing last night and if she is smart she will stick with it and have earned her suit by the end of the season, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Made with love, all photos from random Tumblr posts not made by me just brilliantly applied by me.

Also please stay up to date with the Scandal Revealed podcast my fellow actors will love the backstage talk and its an all around great post-show podcast!

AHHHH it really does feel good to be back Gladiators!



2 thoughts on “Scandal Recap – One For The Dog

  1. Since i found your blog i always look forward to your post i love it you narrate so well to help us see and understand everything i cant even explain how good your post are keep them coming love it!

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