Scandal Therapy Session #5 – Grant for the People

Ok, we are less than two weeks away from the return of Scandal! Everyone is holding up well, Kerry is out of the country for the next 10-days and Django has done great in the states, Fanfic is getting reckless like never before and Gladiators really have turned this little hiatus into a social media mixer. I am at an all time high for following and being followed by Gladiators and Olitz shippers on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog and anywhere in public that the topic comes up lol! I am typing this review while trying to convince my mother that this show is THE business. Until said infidel comes toward the light I have work to do. All Cylinders people lets go!


This episode was too much and not enough! September, really? September? I could hardly last from week to week now I had to wait until September. Oh well, the Gladiators had assembled on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and everywhere else and we had a second season on the way and I was anxious to see what was going to happen to Billy, what Olivia was wearing, and who the heck Quinn was! As usual I tuned in and live tweeted for the ride!

In the opening scene we have the official death of Gideon Wallace play out afollowed my the assembly of OPA in cleaning the mess or as David like to describe it “rendering the homicide of a 27 -year-old journalist all but unsolveable.” David, David Tomato Tomato! You say justice I say karma, stop being so pretentious for goodness sake!

Gideon is dead, Billy Chambers is at large and it has all begun to unfold but the mystery of Quinn turn our open letter into a closed piece of stolen mail being observed under bright light and through the corner cracks of the envelope that cant be turned up without leaving too much to be curious about. I don’t know who Quinn is but I really don’t want to find out if it means that David Rosen is going to be the reason why, yeah, I’m down with OPA.

The Amanda Tanner scandal has completely run amok on every level and OPA and extended family is joining in the fun beginning with Cyrus Beene running a 40 yard dash through the West Wing in an effort to do damage control after Billy decides to take over the press room and spill the Amanda beans. Billy skipped a prayer breakfast with her holier-than-thou-ness Vice President Langston to tell the world about him and Amanda Tanner, Amanda Tanner and Fitz and the baby that Amanda was carrying.

Like Mellie always says, If you have a problem get Olivia Pope on it.

Once things began to hit the fan Olivia is back in the White House handling business with her good friend Cyrus and her…. and Mellie. Just a moment of silence for Mellie and Livs relationship, that Tina Fey GIF never gets old, if you dont know which GIF I am referring to you have homework to do, you are cheating, there are no shortcuts in life, you go back to the beginning you read, you watch, you laugh you Google, you Tumble and Tweet and cry and feel for fake people like the rest of us! As I was saying, Mellie knows that her husband is in love with Olivia Pope and she is not only dealing with it she is using it to her advantage but what she cannot sit with is Olivia dropping the ball and failing the team when she needed to be the clutch player catching Fitz’s deep pass in that hail mary play for the championship. This is the beautiful part of this show and Shonda Rhimes’ genius: the complexity of the characters. Everyone has their grey area created by their professional interests or the greater good and they have their personal interests and in solving their problems and living their lives it all blends into this very confusing and counter-intuitive  mirror image of real life habits and feelings. The moment you see yourself rooting for an adulterous couple with no shame because they’re hot and their love is consuming, the second you catch yourself feeling like “the patron saint of street-walkers” and mentally slapping the First Lady five because of her scheming ways that are focused on her husband being a well functioning President you want to go take a look in the mirror and ask what Shonda Rhimes has done to your life. It’s beautiful!

After a good wrestle with the media the gang gets back together. Olivia, Mellie and Cy wheeling and dealing behind Fitzs back and making all of his decisions for him. I have said this before and I maintain that Fitz is a poor poor victim of circumstance, he really has no control in most areas of his life, he is a great man and he has people that recognize that and want to protect that and are willing to lie and steal and cheat and murder and smother the truth to protect his greatness. He is like that privileged yet sweet and well-mannered adorable kid whos parents do dirty and trashy things to get him into the best Montessori D.C. has to offer and he just happened to have a thing for Chocolate Olivia Cookies (no relation to Mint Milano Cookies) and when he takes a few extra cookies he doesn’t know that he is pushing it, he is just thinking, I don’t care about this stupid Montessori and I am a good kid I just want Olivia Cookies, I love Olivia cookies! And mommy’s Liv and Mellie and Daddy Cy are all like, no no, this kid is a regular child prodigy, he has to stay at this school, NO OLIVIA COOKIES FOR FITZ, UNDERSTOOD? Poor Fitz.

Then we see Fitz sitting across from Sally Langston blackmailing her into throwing Billy under the bus in exchange for his secrecy regarding the shameful under-age abortion her daughter went through. Said scene was most hilarious when Langston says “Well, I’m afraid that dog just won’t hunt” which I absolutely loved! What I loved even more is when she got her behind up ran Billy’s name through the mud. Good girl Sally, good girl!

*cues album leaf for this swagtastic performance by Fitz and Liv*

Yes, I am messy and I put the same GIF twice, shoot me! image

Before the decision about the new Grant baby is made and Mellie and Liv have resolved to saying that it was Mellie on the tape Liv and Fitz share a moment in which Fitz has all but surrendered. Fitz is hopelessly devoted and really selling Liv the dream. The kiss at the end of this scene was priceless….. Two years, judging by the second seasons flashbacks and previous episodes this kiss was two years in the making. Two long, painful, erratic, confusing, emotionally excruciating years without that moment. Can you say waiting to exhale. I literally took a deep breath and let it out after writing that. Oh! What a dream it was…. too bad Liv wasn’t dream shopping today she had an administration to save and that is precisely what she did.

*Puts on White hat*

Now all we want to know is…….. WHO IS QUINN PERKINS!


That concludes our therapy session for today.

Happy New Year people, the year really begins in 9 days at 10pm catch my drift?




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