My Deep Conditioner Concoction

I make an honest effort to carve out time each Sunday to deep condition my hair and or give it a protein treatment and I choose to use a mixture of products treat different issues. I mix a scalp-nourishing oil, a moisturizer, damage control product, and a strengthening product. The mixture of products that I have been using the past two weeks has done wonders for my thick tresses and I wanted to share in hopes that someone else may Experience the same benefits as I.


Carols Daughter Monoi Oil repairing conditioner, Lisa’s hair elixir, and repairing hair mask. Spectrum organic coconut oil. L’oreal EverCreme conditioner, Paul Mitchell daily moisturizer.

I combined the products shown above too create a conditioner/hair mask/oil treatment that has all the benefits but takes a lot less time. After applying the mixture I put my hair into double strand twists and they it hang for a day or two so that I would have a solid look when I transitioned to a twist out for a Christmas brunch and other holiday run-around.

I was really pleased that a single days efforts in hair-styling lasted me an entire week. Check out the video above and photos below for additional commentary and this weeks conditioning results!

On another note I would like to give an honorable mention to the products I use. I am a very conscious consumer and I do research not just on the quality of the product and how it makes my hair feel I also look for a great background to a product whether it be something I was introduced to by a friend or celebrity campaign, a sulfate free product and a cruelty-free and honorably run company etc., these are all things I look for and am honestly influenced by. I like to knowwho is going to benefit or be hurt by something I am buying, where my money is going, what it took to make the product, what had to happen for me to be able to use this product, that is important to me because I don’t want to buy something that goes against my values if I don’t have to. Here’s a quick run-down of these products why they are great, why I support them and how I got to ‘Know’ them!

1. Carols Daughter – Cruelty free, sulfate free shampoos conditioners and other products. This company’s mission involves using natural ingredients to create quality products that serve the diverse beauty needs of world we live in  . Supporting Carols Daughter is also supporting “black business”, which is important to me. I also met the creator of this brand when I picked up products at a pop-up store in New Orleans during Essence Music Festival last summer, the sales people were delightful and informed, I loved it.

2. Paul Mitchell – Three words: Culture of Giving! Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pomade was THE FIRST product I used in my hair after my big chop back in 2010 and I have been in love ever since! I did some research on the company and was elated to find that in addition to  creating quality, effective, and beautifully fragrant products (I am big on smell) they are a cruelty free company with a concern for our planet and a culture of giving. You can check out more info on their website HERE! For all of those who limit yourself to only natural hair products or products made for “black hair” you are really missing out on some great product, do what works for you and support great business. I rarely use the pomade anymore but the daily conditioner is a regular in my hair routine and the super-skinny serum is exquisite as well, its smells amazingly!

3. L’oreal – I watched a Ustream video of Kerri Washington and her glam-squad buddy Takiesha*and found out about the wonders of the L’oreal ‘Ever’ line, in that video Kerry uses the EverStrong but I came to find that the L’oreal EverCreme (Eva Longoria endorses that particular line of products) worked better for my hair and I have stuck with it after not having as much luck with Pantene Relaxed and natural products. This line is sulfate free and makes my hair feel, look, and smell beautifully. L’oreal is also a cruelty free company and they are more reasonably priced that both Paul Mitchell and Carols Daughter, I will spend for the quality products or wait for them to go on sale but it is great when they are a little more affordable at their original price.

4. Spectrum oil – Coconut oil has been raved about on natural hair blogs everywhere and my personal stylist recommends it as well. I will admit it stained my sheets when I got a little enthusiastic with the application but it has made all the difference in the sleekness and softness of my hair especially when transitioning from one style to the next without wetting. There really is no big story behind spectrum for me at this moment, I bought this particular jar of oil at Whole Foods on sale for 7 bucks along with some sesame oil I picked up for Oil Pulling, whole foods even had a $2-off coupon to sweeten the deal! Thus far I love it I just wish it hadn’t stained my gorgeous chocolate brown sheets! Any tips on how to get that out?






Thanks for checking in!

Made with love,



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