Scandal Thursday! – Therapy Session #4

Episode 106 – The Trail

I share Kerry’s sentiment on this episode: It holds a special place in my heart. “The Trail” takes us back to the days before President Grant was President and relieves all of the Olitz shippers of any guilt about the Grant’s marriage seeing that it was a disaster long before Olivia arrived.

Liv stayed true to form showing up on the worst day in Fitz’s campaign and taking the wheel the way only Olivia Pope can. Olivia’s phenomenal skills and the politics of the Grant campaign quickly took a backseat to the chemistry between Olivia and Fitz. The bus ride scene was one of the most gripping scenes in this series for me, the steamy hotel scene in which Liv and Fitz finally engage in congress is the most… dare I say, exciting.

The bus scene was so intimate, I watched this episode last night and found that even I had been coaxed into whispering “Fitz” just before Olivia and Fitz held hands. Livs face after Fitz says “Let’s be inappropriate. Say my name.” looks like she is choking on those four letters, she is imagining her voice saying his name and and trying to swallow the urge that is creating heat in her chest and making her voice quiver and then she finally says it  for the first time that night: “Fitz.”


The hand holding, the walk in the hotel, the moment in front of the door of Olivia’s hotel room were all sweet sweet torture, I had seen the previews and I KNEW, it was about to go down. Go down it most certainly did. I could narrate, clip highlights from, and straight up pick this scene into tiny little glorious pieces of extremely sexy abs and pecs, La perla underwear and sexy whispers. It was steamy and its hard to believe that last episodes awful sex scene between Abby and David even took place on the same show.

After we flashback we end up back in Liv’s apartment dealing with the piece of power-hungry trash that is Billy Chambers and thus the dramatic irony takes hold, I am sure we were all screaming into the television trying to give Olitz that essential piece of info about who needs a bounty on their head. We definitely have a Billy problem but Amanda is dead, Gideon is dead and Fitz and Liv are ‘kinda’ back together, even if it’s only for one minute.

5 Things about this episode

1. The Sausage factory – Oh the irony!

2. Abby’s Baking Skills – Who knew someone who was so bitchy could burn?

3. President Grant’s questions about leaving the White House alone – AH … No comment lol

4. “You have to EARN my vote like any other candidate” – Oh really, he will earn that vote alright

5. Mellie’s fake miscarriage – hey *shrug*

Goodbye Mr. President!

I hope you enjoy Gladiators. This has been your dose of Scandalicious talk. Until next time, stay strong! If you haven’t already please go to to check out all the episodes and get caught up before the 31st. Also, check out the Scandal Revealed podcast on Itunes for free anytime.

Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “Scandal Thursday! – Therapy Session #4

  1. agreed!!! The scene with Abby & David had no place in this show…NOPE!!!
    Olivia truly struggled with that decision to cross the line and be inappropriate with ‘Gov. Grant’. All I can say is that it became pretty obvious that they were pretty HOTT for each other; that hotel room scene was EVERYTHING. He couldn’t get enough of her…damn!!! I better go watch that episode again….
    *excuse me, BRB*

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