Django Unchained: A love Story

I had the pleasure of attending the final showing of Django unchained in the tiniest movie theater I have ever been in. It was cozy and clean, jam packed with people and the show started twenty minutes late. I ended up at this theater only after driving to a Muvico and finding out it was sold out, the run-around was a great precursor to the lesson of the night: Broomhilda was worth it.

Tarantino’s spaghetti western turned romance “Django Unchained” justified all of my excitement and obsession. Django was a deep, clever, gory, ingenious, moving and ironically romantic tale of a slave turned bounty hunter that wants nothing more than to save his wife Broomhilda. The phenomenal cast which included Jamie Foxx (Django), Kerry Washington (Broomhilda Von Shaft) and Golden Globe Nominee Christoph Waltz all gave stellar performances. Sam Jackson was hilarious and devilish in his own right and Leo was disturbingly good at his job in this film, all of those who thought he was too pretty to be despised, think again. I adored Kerry in this role as usual and she continues to rack up respect and love from me. I knew that if for no other reason, I would go see this film to support Kerry and all her greatness, just so happens that the film is great. Not surprising.

I have no spoilers for anyone who has not seen the film seeing that yesterday was Django’s first day in theaters and despite many sold-out shows plenty of anxious movie-goers have yet to see the film. If you are still wondering if you should go, my answer is ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY! I give this film all of the thumbs-ups and stars it can take. One little note that I will add is that the ending scene of the film leaves plenty of room for a new bounty hunting couple in a possible sequel. It would be all too befitting for such a great film.





5 thoughts on “Django Unchained: A love Story

  1. I wasnt able to catch it on opening night but im so looking forward to this weekend to watch it an after seeing your post the anticipation is even more intense!

  2. I went to the 7 pm showing on Christmas day and I am glad I went – don’t want to spoil it for anyone who haven’t yet seen it. All I’m going to say is that all the main actors played their character roles brilliantly. I loved this movie.

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