Scandal Hiatus- Therapy session #2

Dirty Little Secrets

Ah! Week two. After the first episode of scandal I was all in! I had to have it, by the time that extra minute of Greys came on and I got my twitter fired up and ready to go I was foaming at the mouth! Then it came, Kerry’s voice saying “Previously on Scandal.” It is now Shonda’s job to say those words that every Gladiator waits to hear on a Thursday night but that is neither here nor there.

102 was full of dirty little secrets and not just the one between the Fitz and Liv! In the opening scene Scandal writers are giving us little scandalous Gladiator biscuits of dramatic irony with Sharon Marquette’s commentary on Liv and her position at the white house. Seeing that granny has been around the block once or twice and is D.C. ‘s self proclaimed finest madame I really wouldn’t be surprised if she had a clue but let’s not reach. Sharon carries on about how Olivia “made him” from a “diamond in the ruff” into this sexy, confident, President with an immaculate image to match. I feel, and I think Olivia would agree, that Sharon should be thinking about her own sketchy situation.



Pope and Associates is in full effect! This episode is the home of some of the most popular Gladiator phrases including the proverbial “White hat” and that simple yet cogent demand by Olivia for OPA a to be on “All cylinders people, Let’s go!” *add domineering strut* And one that I relish in in a very special way… the “HARRISON” shout! Ahh the good old days!

Quinn is still trying to find out what is going on, asking too many questions as usual, trying to be used to her full capacity but can’t even manage to keep track of a Amanda Tanner. Abby is all in pieces about Steven buying sex and Harrison is straight up trying to plea the 5th on all his hooker knowledge and involvement to “avoid awkward conversation like the one we’re having right now.” I really want to take a brief moment and go back to the moment in which my relationship with Abby took a very very very sharp turn in the right direction. Two words, three syllables and the beginning of a few episodes of me actually Liking Abby: GINGER BELL!

I laughed my spleen out when Abby started in on this little hooker!

“Its like her parents didn’t want her to go to college… Like they wanted her to be a hooker.”

Oh that just lit up my life!

Sunny Day

As David comes to rain on the party, Liv gears up, metaphorical constitution in hand, ready to make sure that Sharon’s clients never have to worry about wearing a raincoat on a sunny day. I’m sure David will never forget those words “My white hat’s bigger than yours.” I lived for that moment, and the one a few seconds before when Liv greets David with this cutesy patronizing remark ….

“Hey David, how are you? Did you get a new haircut? It’s Nice!”

And then proceeded to read his ass the law!


Scandal in Paradise

Poor poor Patrick Keating, this whole whore to housewife transition just caught him at the worst time ever seeing that he was having the best day of his life until Liv paid him a visit. Now, every saint has a past and every sinner has a future but Mrs. Keating has GOT to be a little better at… well, basically her entire life. There are a few people in life I wouldn’t lie to ever by omission or otherwise, judges and husbands are included in that group. Im not talking about little baby lies about why your mother cant stay with us or whether or not I’ve ever forgotten to pick up the kids or what happened to your pet dog when he spent the weekend with me way back when, I’m talking about lies like whether or not you have made an ‘honest woman’ out of a bona fide, card carrying, cash collecting hooker, Julia Roberts didn’t lie to Richard Gere and he just wanted directions. I mean, lady you married a man a didn’t tell him that you were a vagina vending machine? COME ON! We have got to do better people!

Well, I did take pleasure in their marital strife when it caused a very emotionally heavy Olitz encounter. Fitz was begging for forgiveness and obviously aching for a dose of Olivia. Meanwhile back at the ranch I’m dying all over myself just absorbing the emotion. The feelings with Olitz are always exemplified when I can relate, I.E. in that moment you have two people who are undeniably, tragically, inescapably and deeply in love and I know how that feels, what I could not fathom is the amount of other ‘things’ that make that feeling seemingly insignificant when in actuality its the only thing that matters to you. I really feel like their life is a room full of loud voices, the voices of their subconscious, the voices of their mentors and their bosses and families and their common sense like their is a voice telling them how to be the greatest person they can be, a voice telling them how to save their life, a voice telling them how to do their job, a voice telling them about their well-being and their pride and their image but the voice that is the loudest most distracting and consuming is the one that belongs to the person you are madly in love with and none of it seems to fit together in the puzzle of life and it hurts but it just hurts so good because no matter how trashy your life gets when you hone in on that voice, time stops and not much else matters. Yeah I got all of that from that moment, you can understand why I continued watching. Shonda aint right, she aint right! Nope. *cues Rihanna “Disturbia”*

Fitz let his voice drop a few octaves and proceeded to orchestrate the sexiest and most appealing request for forgiveness I have ever heard of…

“I think that those two people want to be together. I think that love, at the end of the day, is stronger than the mistakes that somebody made. Something they did that they regret. I think that love allows for forgiveness, dont you?”

JEDI MIND TRICK PEOPLE! OK OK not really, Fitz really was sorry. Olivias face had the bearing of a Marine but when they touched her face just looked as if she was going to breakdown, she was hurt and aching, torn between love, life and betrayal! That scene was everything. I could go on forever! *cues Christina Aguilera “Walk away”*

Oh and I must must must touch on the scene when Fitz proclaims Liv to be the love of his life….. I don’t remember exactly but if a fly on my wall told me that they saw a tear drop, I would believe them.


At first Amanda was all like….

But then Liv gets Amanda back, David gets his butt kicked and all is well in OPA land! Oh except for Quinns little boyfriend to be, thats next episodes news though.

Whew, I always hate when I get to this point and there is so much I haven’t covered! I truly applaud Shonda, the writers and the cast and editors because I have yet to make such efficient use of an hours time!

This concludes our therapy session, my secretary will bill your insurance and I will see you all tomorrow for another dose! We get to follow Liv off of a cliff!

Ah Demain Gladiators….. Oui! Je parlais francais un petit pu! lol – I hope that that is at least slightly correct.




One thought on “Scandal Hiatus- Therapy session #2

  1. I was holding by breath and reading as fast as I can…loved this review…(dead at ‘vagina vending machine’). I have a few dirty ‘lil secrets of my own (*side eye* – don’t judge me).
    I just don’t understand why the wife (can’t remember her name) told Sharon way back then that Keating was a client (he clearly never was) – that basic lie she told fucked up everything. IMO..

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