Scandal Hiatus Therapy – Season 1- 101

Since Scandal is on a Winter Hiatus and I have only recently begun to do episode reviews I am going back in time over the next few weeks and recapping some of the first season episodes and episodes from the first half of this second season!


101! – Sweet Baby

First things first, I really remember watching this episode in my bed and ending up at the edge closest to the TV clutching my throw pillow with excitement. I didn’t know Harrison as Harrison, he was still Columbus, no less sexy, but not Harrison just yet. I had been waiting on this. I LOOOOOOOOOVE Kerry and I knew I would be supporting Scandal for her if for no other reason. I am a political geek and avid lover of The West Wing so I was more than ready for a juicy political drama to sink my teeth into. The back-story of the show and it’s creator were also motivators for my viewing and then I saw the wardrobe and I lost it, OK OK enough reminiscing, lets flash back!

In this episode we are taken away within minutes by Harrison and Quinnsay’s interaction. I’m not sure when I completely lost it, when I saw Columbus looking like a magically delicious chocolate snack machine or when Quinn described being stood up at that bar as equivalent to falling face-down on a runway and called Harrison a 12 year old baby lawyer or when Harrison hit her with the Gladiator line! Let’s just agree that I was hooked very early on. Ok? Ok.

Olivia Carolynn Pope, bow down ladies and gentleman! Say hello to the woman who introduces herself  as the queen of compartmentalization! She is talking to Steven, who I might add I do not miss nearly as much as I had anticipated,  about  his proposal and then swiftly proceeds to go pick up a baby box from Ukranian mobsters ignoring that fact that she is $3 million short because she is just that gangster. She handles that, while I scream at the TV with glee, and the first thing I am wondering when they get back to OPA is WHY IN THE HELL IS THE BABY IN A BOX?

While re-watching this episode I couldn’t help but think, ah, these were the good old days when Abby was cynical yet obedient  Cooperative, problems got solved, and Olivia had her first reflective moment in which she tells the married-man-lover within herself everything she knows about the practicality of her and Fitz’s relationship. Sully St. James got the good talk down about how the person he loves shouldn’t have to be a secret and so on and so forth and whatever else Olivia needs to get out of her system so she can stop force feeding it to herself because we all know deep down inside she is thinking “screw the freaking moral majority!”

Oh the good old days when David was an undeniable opposing force, a non-conflict of interest having as USA, Olivia’s gut was worth something and the Gladiators of OPA were, well, they were real Gladiators doing gladiator-esque things. Now… well we will talk about that later.

Now the most important part of this episode, the Oval Office Scene!!!!!!! Who storms into the Oval office and throws their purse down demanding the presence of the leader of the free world? OLIVIA POPE, that’s who! She was on fire and seeing red! Then, in comes Fitz ,sexy, presidential, obviously still smitten and heartbroken. I had a feeling that there was something more when she stopped Quinn mid-sentence about that ‘sweet baby’ comment but I was still doing back-flips on the  inside when Fitz and Liv affirmed what I had been thinking. I literally wanted to cry. Between the emotion of the scene and my utter pleasure with this show i could hardly give my smiling cheeks and pressed eyebrows a rest. I was IN!

Olivia was ‘saying’ don’t touch me but when Fitz’s hands were on her body I could just feel her melting, I thought the poor thing was going to spill out of the television screen. It was the proverbial electric touch, the undeniable chemistry, the heavy breathing and fast paced heartbeat, Liv didn’t stand a chance. If Miss Cyrus had not walked through that door I really don’t know…. Ok I DO know what would have happened I just don’t know how they would have managed to do it in an inconspicuous time and do a decent cleanup.

Shonda, Kerry and Tony had me on a very very short leash by the end of this first episode! And you can see how far we have come since then!

Whew. It felt good to look back. I hope everyone enjoy’s this trip down memory lane. If you like it, I will continue with other episodes, If not, I will probably still continue but the more response I get the more episodes I will recap. Deal? Deal!

Happy Scandal Thursday Gladiators!




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