Olitz Playlist – A compilation of songs in my Ipod!


I used some of the songs in my itunes collection to create a playlist for Liv and Fitz. This record embodies the angst, the emotion, the sexual tension, the unadulterated passion, the heartbreak, the loneliness, the thrill, the pleasure, the admiration, the friendship and the conflict in the dynamic and undeniable love between Liv and Fitz.

The soundtrack to this train-wreck of a love affair, I present to you Olitz Vol 1 – Say My Name and take off your clothes because you own me and my every feeling is controlled by the look on your face even though you left me, we can be inappropriate and it can happen right there on that desk because I have been dancing with people all night but not with the one person I wanted to dance with so listen to this sex tape please because you know you’re not a mistress and there is only one woman I love, I am madly in love with an amazing woman and I am leaving you since you asked me to but I will be back just as soon as I am finished getting shot, OK?


I am leaving because I am too sexually frustrated to stay and too morally bankrupt to stop wanting to screw you but I have some reservations and I really think we should stop since I made you president but not before we do it on that desk and give ourselves good reason to go back on this agreement in a few days at camp david and strategize on how not to get caught by cameras because I don’t work for you anymore and you are cheating on your Mistress with your Girlfriend and holding up all of these white house aids and you cant be here at my house longer than one minute and I definitely don’t want to hear you and Amanda Tanner having sex but I am all in and I am in love with you and we are in a new world in which I eat sleep and breathe Fitzgerald Grant because I am good at my job and you are lucky to have me but I am not yours and pudding pants is not everything I ever dreamed of, I just want you to call me so we can laugh on the phone about other extra-marital affairs and lay my head on your chest when you get shot, OK?

Enjoy folks!

1. Stevie Wonder – As

2. Savage Garden – truly madly deeply

3. Maxwell – Bad Habits

4. Alicia Keyes – Heartburn

5. John Mayer – Dreaming with a broken heart

6. Maxwell – whenever wherever whatever

7. Beyonce -fever

8. Whitney Houston – I have nothing

9. Mariah Carey – I still Believe

10. John Coltrane – In a sentimental Mood

11. Jessie J – Domino

12. Rihanna – Love Without tragedy

13. Rihanna – Nobody’s business

14. Alicia Keyes Ft. Maxwell – Fire we make

15. Mariah Carey – My All

16. Jordin Sparks and Christ Brown – No air

17. Sam Cooke- Nothing can change this love

18. Beyonce – once in a lifetime

19. Ne-yo – part of the list

20. Jay z – I know

21. Miguel – Pussy is mine

22. Chris Brown – She aint you

23. Eric Benet – Sometimes I cry

24. Beyonce -speechless

25. Alicia Keyes- that’s when I knew

26. John legend – tonight (best you ever had)

27. Boys to men – Water runs dry

28. Trey Songz – yo side of the bed

29. Melanie Fiona – You stop my heart


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