Adventures of a Weekend Warrior – Juicing

A good relationship with food should be nonnegotiable.


In lieu of my journey back to a vegetarian diet and marathon training I took a whack at juicing this weekend. I love fresh juice and all of the benefits it has to offer but it can be a bit pricey and not so easy to find. If I could replace half of the newly opened fro-yo shops in south Florida with a Pressed Juicery I would be jet set. Since I don’t yet have that kind of pull I’ve decided to make it a DIY/UWYH (Use What You Have) project for the weekend in preparation for an upcoming liquid diet cleanse.


When planning a change in my diet or exercise routine focus on making sure that I am doing the best I can to give my body an awesome and healthy diet but also a routine that is practical and sustainable for me. Most diets are like socialism, they sound nice in theory, they are missing a few essential and imperative elements and principles and they hardly work in real life. I.E. low-carb diets that promote heavy consumption of red meats, foods that can be high in bad fats and cholesterol but tell you you cant have fruit or Nutella, every diet needs Nutella!
Point is, driving 20-30 miles and paying $6-$10 a cup for juice is neither sustainable nor practical for me but fresh juice is something that can be a great benefit.
I, luckily, had a gently used juicer in my home which had been abandoned by my mother and banished to that dark place that bulky kitchen appliances go when owners give up on them: the storage closet. While my mother is notorious for putting these beautiful pieces to rest, I am known for digging them up and making good and quite healthy use of them. (See fried rice on the griddle, protein shakes in the magic bullet, turkey burgers on the George Foreman)
I used celery, a granny smith apple, carrots and a tangerine to make a sweet, red, carrot-y concoction that gobbles up my hate for carrots. I really abhor carrots in most forms but I can tolerate not love them when they are juiced.
I highly recommend this practice and plan to keep it up. The juice was delightful, the clean up was less than perfect but I am certainly on the juicing bandwagon! My next recipe involves ginger and more carrots, I am a huge fan of ginger and I’m anxious to get to this diet because of it!


My next recipe was courtesy of Kerry Washington and Women’s Health Magazine (December issue ;I am a proud subscriber). I know I will hardly survive on juice, water and vitamins alone during this first liquid cleanse so I found a new vegan shake that is a quick, easy and tasty meal replacement post-workout. The protein powder from PlantFusion used in this recipe is THE best protein powder I have had to date!
The recipe calls for hemp milk and coconut water from Pressed Juicery, I used soy milk and O.N.E. Coconut water because I am used to soy and forgot the hemp milk when I went to whole foods and because I am not close to any Pressed locations. Maybe I will contact them for a product review sample when I get some time so I can have the full effect.
In my magic bullet I combined 1/2 cup of organic low-fat vanilla soy milk 6 oz of coconut water, 6 ice cubes, a few shakes of pumpkin-pie spice, and a scoop of PlantFusion vanilla bean protein powder and shake to get the ingredients blended. Blend the mixture in a magic bullet or ninja or what have you for 45-60 seconds, pour and drink with a bendy straw!
(Secret: Straws ensure no milk/shake mustache and make drinks go down a little easier)


I really encourage everyone to try some fresh juice if you never have, It is delicious and is extremely beneficial to the body. If juice is not your cup of tea I simply encourage those that wish to lead a healthier life to do things that are sustainable in the long run, do what is most practical and least damaging for you and do what makes you feel best. A diet is not a temporary fix, your diet it what you feed your body and as that changes your body changes.
If you have any great juicing recipes or stories please feel free to share.
Stay beautiful people!
Made with Love

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