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Shonda honey Shonda, dont drive me to drink, please. I mean, the ritual of the Olivia Pope glass overfilled with wine is enough on a Thursday night! You are giving me hard liquor material. All I really want to know at this point is WHERE IN ALL OF SHONDALAND IS THE WHITE HAT? I mean for goodness sake, Olivia is straddling that fence between exacerbation and resolution on almost every issue in her life right now.

Give me that Becky

Huck Huck Huck! I can hardly intellectualize all the feeling Huck’s life gave me last night! He got beat at his own game and fell victim to the Venus, he got loose with Liv, lost his little stalked family and now has a one way ticket to the water-boardiest dark dank room GITMO has to offer.
First off, Huck, I am sorry, really, I am. I’m sorry you got tricked, I’m sorry your girlfriend is framing you, I’m sorry that you got that poor sweet little family killed, but you know what I’m really sorry about…… YOUR SORRY ASS! You know better than that! You had that girl all tangled up on that floor and ready to give it up and you mean to tell me you couldn’t muster up some killer instinct… and you claim you love whiskey!
I will give you this, next week you are getting a little punishment and trying yo make yourself useful….. yes that’s all you get.

I would do anything for love, but I wont do that –

I am dying inside for Liv, ugh! Going back to the white house was fly and boss as all get out but this whole planning Fitz’s funeral… for me it would have been one of those “Let’s not and say we did” type of assignments. I would have been ducking meetings and avoiding that topic like it was the Red Death, OK!
On to next episode, I thank Shonda for this shot with Liv lying on Fitz’s chest. I mean that’s really what I aspire to do in life… Find Tony Goldwyn, fall in love make babies and spend my Saturday mornings in bed with my head on his chest and fingers in his chest hairs. *serious face*
Puddin pop makes a return next episode and from the looks of the promo’s he is being as undesirable and needy as ever. I also saw a kissing scene with Liv and Edison and I think I gave that less support than I gave to the Romney campaign and if you know ANYTHING about me, you know that that’s not even possible. Edison is really like green eggs and ham, I do not like him here or there I do not like him anywhere I do not like puddin pants I do not like him SHONDALAND!

WHO’S DOWN WITH OPA? – The State of OPA Address

Well our stats are a little higher than last week but sheesh, we have another week of the clusterfucks!
The dialogue with Quinn and Huck was LIFE!
Quinn: *asks a slew of unnecessary questions and proceeds to display her ungratefulness*
Huck: I never asked
*Drops mic, walks off stage*
OK OK this is getting long so lets rap it up…..
Sally Langston: I threw up in my mouth when Olivia addressed her as Madam President and I wanted to curse her out in a drunken rage when she got bold, evil, and downright disrespectful with Verna! Hey Sally, Over here, yeah I just wanted to say NO ONE LIKES A B#%CH. Does anyone like this woman? <;- Stupid question.
And I hope you like that desk, here’s a piece of history for your book, Fitz got the inaugural drawers on that flat surface of a desk! BOOM!
Verna: I don’t appreciate you blocking that Sally bullet with OPA’s derriere! I must say that your response to the idea of spending time with your grand-kids for the rest of your life was impressive and entertaining and I adore you for it. As my mother used to say “Eff them kids.”
Hollis, James, David: I hope you get herpes and bot flies in your armpits. I wish Nair in your shampoo bottles and 3 lashes with a wet noodle!
Abby and David: I know it was written that way but that scene was God-awful. I covered my eyes…. I never cover my eyes during sex scenes on Scandal, I covered my eyes last night. But I do appreciate the return of the skirt hike, but as usual the original is always the best (liv killed it!)


You are wearing the heck out of that purple shirt! You get Gladiator of the year for so many reasons including throwing yourself in the way of a professional killer in the name of all that is covered by the white hat. That black coat was the most mantastic piece of men’s outerwear that I could ever ask for; Lynn Paolo, where does this end!? IDK what it is about that purple shirt with those suspenders with those sexy shoulders that just makes a woman want put that shirt on (post morning sex) and cook him breakfast with or without underwear, whatever his style is.
Aaaaaaand SCENE!
Ok, we have a little winter hiatus on our hands and I am already prepared to be part of the group of Gladiators that goes plum stupid during said break. I can only do so much without Olitz action and Jedi mind trickery from Fitz.
PS. I am delighted to have my 3rd cast tweet! Last night Guillermo responded to me during the live tweet. Now I have Kerry (for various tweets lol) Katie, and Guillermo! I am waiting on the rest, especially Columbus.


Last Nugget of info – 

Jeff Perry AKA Cyrus Beene is on the Scandal Revealed podcast with EP Betsy Beers this week and it’s amazing as always. Love Jeff Perry!



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