HUCK SHOT FITZ! / Stay Goldwyn Tony boy!


Dear Shonda almighty, I cannot take the pressure! I really am glad 208 happened but I am just as confused as I was when I began watching about the whole Fitz shooting. I am, however, quite pleased with the return of the Fitz Jedi mind trick and full on POPUS action.

Let’s start from the top, Mellie Grant was unequivocally more useless than she has ever been this episode but she gets two brownie points for that pin at the end of the episode. Besides that, yeah….. No.

Olitz, how you toy with my soul! Last night we got to see some throwback panty dropping Jedi Mind Tricks executed quite impressively by Fitz: the man got the inaugural panties on his newly claimed desk in his newly claimed oval office from his girlfriend while his wife was in the house. Lawd I can’t take the pressha! My favorite panty dropping line of the night “I can’t just stop. Can you” …………… Liv wanted to play impish school girl up until that point, honey hopped up on that  and, here’s the ripple effect from the panty dropping line, hiked that gorgeous dress up a little. HONEY….. I am asphyxiating from all of this fire and desire! I can’t even get to the rest of the flashback scenes between these two, one desk romp will have to do I have other things to get to.

Olivia Olivia… THAT, THAT right there, that boss shiznit you just did was better than the Michael Jordan comeback. Homegirl was back like Jordan wearing the 4-5 and some. Too bad there wasn’t much she could do about what was going down, it was all falling down with a quickness and vice president Palin I mean Langston had her big girl drawers on while she was still pissing in the bed! In the words of miss Cyrus “If the president dies, I’ll call you.” OK OK maybve she did get sworn-in in the end but still, ease up sister Langston, my man isn’t dead yet!

Who’s down with OPA? Seems like it’s just Liv and Harrison these days!  Abby is slinging the box to the opposing side, Huck shot the POTUS, Quinn is asking too many question and playing detective misusing company equipment and what not and Harrison is just playing his role. I maintain, Harrison get Gladiator of the year, the rest of them…… more power ranger than gladiator, but that’s neither here nor there.

Ok, skip to rose garden scene, that was the only spoiler that I watched that was actually a spoiler because it had no real affect last night, but the first time I watched it, I was literally rolling on the floor trying to let some of the emotion out of my body! Fitz eyes, the voice, the astonishing amount of emotion and vulnerability, he emotionally undressed right there in that garden and I could not take it! I love a man that gets emotionally undressed! UGH If Liv didn’t understand before, she understands now, they are in this TOGETHER!

I maintain: I wish to someday be smitten and blind sighted by a man with the lack of emotional discipline and adult sense of responsibility of Fitzgerald Grant III, and a ton of swag, brilliance, and sex appeal to boot. A girl can dream!

I loved all of the action and yeah we are all shocked and appalled that huck was the shooter but that explains nothing, did he do it for the love of ‘whiskey’ or was someone behind this. What in the name of all that is Shondaland is really going on? Ugh!


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