Saturday Morning Glory



Saturday mornings are my favorite time of the week. It makes no difference if I’m sleeping in, working, traveling, auditioning, working out, cooking, gardening or my usual favorite, going to the green market in my hometown: West Palm Beach. There is just something about Saturday mornings that just whispers “stop and smell the flowers.” I am a morning person in general but I am also very busy so not every morning can be savored like Saturdays. My schedule regularly gives me this time of the week off so I like to take my time and do it right.

Sometimes “It” is laying in bed until I’m ready to prepare myself a hot breakfast in bed, sometimes like this weekend it is going shopping at the  local green market with a friend.



If you ever visit West Palm Beach, FL on a weekend, please please please do not pass up the opportunity to go to this wonderful market. It’s a hot-spot for families, couple, pets, and singles alike. Local restaurants, florist, bakeries and other specialty shops gather on the Waterfront for a saturday morning that is nothing short of glorious. The food is delicious! I have taken some chances like the feta wraps from a local greek restaurant and smoked fish dip from a small shop, those choices and most others have been well worth it. My most recent edible fascination: Red velvet cider doughnuts! Less than half of the walk around cone is pictured above. I think I paid $6 or $8 for them, can’t quite remember but they are made fresh on-site and come with an awesome cream cheese dip. Love them. I also picked up some produce since most of the farmers offer lower prices than grocers and superstores.


Another delight from this Saturday: a 1-ton christmas tree made of sand, an ode to the not so traditional winter weather in Southern Florida, which I found quite comical. I have an undying holiday spirit so this was joy to see.


(DEC 1st is also World Aids Day. Check the red ribbons!)


Peonies, Peonies and more Peonies! I love these flowers.It’s not Peony season so I wasnt able to find any on my last trip to the market and now that the florist I usually buy from has some they aren’t so cheap, these went for $6 a stem. Such gorgeous flowers! I chose 3 bulbs, I wanted to make sure they hadn’t opened just yet so I could get a decent life out of them once I take them home.


This is simply an ode to Saturday, to the morning. A time to stop and smell the flowers!

I’ll be sharing more Saturday adventures and outing in the coming weeks, If time permits I would love to make this a regular installment.

Until next time, Stay beatiful!




2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Glory

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  2. Hi Thanks for posting the pic of our giant holiday tree made out of sand. FYI its made from 500 tons of sand and is 35′ tall, worlds first as far as we know.

    Mary Pinak
    City of WPB

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