I wrote this blog/review back in June but I wanted to post it anyway. It’s so cool to look back at it seeing that the second season is in full swing, we have come so far and it’s still an awesome ride!


I am hesitant to use the word obsessed but I am definitely glad to see a new show that I can call “mine.”
From Greys Anatomy creator Shoda Rhimes comes a new political drama which is right up my “west wing lover” alley.

The back story of and inspiration for the show is based on Judy Smith. Smith is a “fixer” for high profile clients in Washington. As a woman of color, (yes in the year 2012 it does matter) I’m glad to see that the inspiration for (Judy), creator of (Shonda), and star of (Kerry) are all successful and talented black women made me a little more interested but luckily that is turning out to be the least amazing part about his show.

I love Kerry Washington as an actress, and public figure, she first caught my eye in save the last dance and has not disappointed since. Loved her in “For Colored Girls” and I definitely gained more respect for her when she appeared on a panel for one of my favorite political talk shows (Real Time with Bill Maher) and on the campaign wagon of my vote-worthy President, Barack Obama. Kerry is also a part of the Presidents committee for arts and humanities. Enough about her, love her to death but that show!

The show was nothing short of amazing, thought provoking, not to drawn out with tons of shadows and mirrors. Its good tv, good dialogue, real people great plots and just enough comedic relief, political opinion and cutthroat culture.

What’s better? Steve’s accent, Olivia’s wardrobe, Harrison’s ass and the hot and steamy forbidden romance that makes it all so John Edwards, bill Clinton-ish with Sarah Palins stunt double as VP (cue underaged pregnancy of conservative republican candidates daughter)

As I rewatch the episodes I find more and more layers, clues, jokes and reasons to love love love scandal! For me a good hearty show like this is the perfect type of escapism.


Here we are, mid season two and I am a scandal Junkie. I mean a scandal junkie complete with season 1 DVD, Olivia pope wine glass, cast retweets and co-workers to yap with about every detail! Steven had departed, and it seems as though everything that could have happened has!


Tune in to Scandal on Thursday nights at 10pm on ABC! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

You can also log on to Twitter and use #askskandal to live tweet with the cast!

Until next time!




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