Picture This


Photography, one of my loves in life. I love photos, I love posing in them, I love taking them, I love looking at them. In this age of technology I keep most of my photos in digital form, stored on computers, flash drives, social websites, cell phones and on memory cards from my beloved Nikon D90. According to the ridiculous amount of photos in my iPhone I take 4 pictures a day on average using that device, not all are of me.

Seeing that I hardly have the need to print I usually don’t. After realizing how cold and impersonal my room seemed without pictures I decided to get some prints and put some of my favorite photos on display at home. I also wanted an old fashioned backup for some of my most treasured photos in the case that the digital world stops functioning. I always said if my house burned down and I could only have one thing (besides the people or beings inside) I would chose my family’s collection of photos, cute right. Yeah yeah yeah.

After spending 30-minutes in CVS I walked out with over 100 prints and a new collage frame to accompany some of the frames and albums I had at home I sat down with some good holiday chocolates and Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!


Going through the prints brought me joy! I love to sit and reminisce on the great time in the past. The frames and albums seem to be doing the trick. My space feels more like mine, I just need more frames for all of the wonderful memories!


Pictures are a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up the decor in any room or even a desk. Just take them, print them, frame them or if you’re feeling crafty make an “on display” scrapbook.



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